Being Licensed To Create means different things to many; but at its core, it is a celebration of the artistic skill and limitless creativity of beauty professionals. CosmoProf loves to honor the hard work and inspirational talent that makes an incredible difference in the world, and this scholarship program is just one way for them to do so.

The Beauty Changes Lives | CosmoProf | Licensed to Create Education Scholarship Program provides an opportunity for prospective and newer students enrolled in a cosmetology program to win a monetary award (TBD) to help offset the cost of tuition.

CosmoProf is a full-service distributor offering exclusive salon products and equipment to licensed professionals in the salon and spa industry. Licensed to Create means something different to every stylist and encourages the freedom to explore your authentic voice as an artist. The Licensed to Create initiative is uniting industry professionals who are dedicated to supporting the success of stylists everywhere.
You do NOT have to be attending an AACS list school to apply for this scholarship.

Once you have signed up you will receive a confirmation through email, but you are not complete with your application! Please complete the general application AND the 2nd phase of the application. The 2nd phase of the application is the specific questions for the scholarship you have selected to apply to and are REQUIRED to answer to be considered for qualification for judging.

The Deadline for the $5,000 CosmoProf Award is 5/08/17

This scholarship is for applicants who are less than 50% complete in the Cosmetology program. Are you less than 50% complete in your Cosmetology program?

How will the CosmoProf scholarship change your life and how are you planning to change other people’s lives? Please provide the YouTube link to a video expressing your answer. Your video must not exceed three (3) minutes. Please ensure that the link is active and is public