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Molly is a Utah native living in Salt Lake City. A #cosmobaby  who fell in love with the Beauty Industry. In her spare time she likes to Travel and date her Husband.

Dear fellow Hair Nerds,

As a Cosmetology Student or #cosmobaby, I wanted to write about a few of my sappy hopes and dreams. But not the real BIG dreams, where I own a salon in NYC, win NAHA, give Sam Villa a hair cut and casually have breakfast with Aubrey Loots…

I want to start with my little dreams, my initial thoughts as I attended a Color Theory class for the first time:

“I’d like to rarely need to use a color book when I need to color match a client or they bring me a photo.” I’m still not sure if I was just naive or completely determined.


I began studying the color wheel in my spare time, working to understand different color products (Redken vs. Wella), studying color placement, practicing filling, depositing and decolorizing test strands of hair. What worked? What didn’t work? What can I improve on? I have a lot of work to do, and a lot of progress to make but I really want to understand the basics of being a Cosmetologist by the time I am licensed so that I can be an excellent assistant to someone who could share their wealth of knowledge with me. I want to keep learning and keep growing as long as I’m still seating clients in my chair.


I remember when one of my first balayage clients cried because she loved her hair so much. I could not believe that something I did, made someone feel so beautiful. I also remember the first client that made me cry because she didn’t love me so much haha! I’ve had to learn that despite every positive effort I make, some people may not be content. Finding a balance has certainly been a process. I follow incredible, immaculate stylists on Instagram that will forever keep me humble. But I also have photos of my own work, that represent my growth, and those are what continue to make me push myself and help me gain confidence.


Thanks for being here!



Here are some of the first colors I did during my first 500 hours of school.