Don’t blow that $10 check Nana sent you for Christmas on Starbucks, just yet!!!  We have compiled a list of classes we think are worth your time and dough this year.

Education is everything if you want to succeed behind the chair and find excitement in your craft. Some get that license and never look back, missing out on the thrill of conquering new skills, meeting fellow knowledge hungry souls and being exposed to the constant changes our business provides. We encourage you to all get out there and rattle that comfort cage of salon life and go get that education your creative flow is begging you for!

 14 classes in 2014 from The Hair Nerds

1. Ted Gibson Class

When asked about his academy, Ted says, “There is nothing like this education out there. The high standard the development of your craft and the knowledge to change your career. I believe that education is how we feed our souls and our lives. Changing our consciousness allows us to move forward with the results that we breathe, desire, and claim. Once you change your consciousness, you have the ability to change your career, your environment, and your lifestyle.”


The ted gibson advanced academy is compiled of a series of two day workshops regarding cutting, styling and business.  The information is coming from a brand that continuously works with celebrities, fashion shows, magazines, models and real women who just want to feel beautiful.   The approach to education is honest, professional and fun.  The advanced education itself is made simple and understandable.  The techniques are timeless and can be used in all situations.  The classes all stand on their own but can definitely build upon each other as well.   Any hairdresser who wants a taste of the ted gibson brand will gain so much from this class.  It’s a different type of education.

Full List of Classes

2. Sharon Blain  Education

“For me spending a week with Sharon Blain and Paula Hibbard  was a transformative experience.  I gained so much in such a short period of time, by focusing on the basics with the guidance of masters. My work has changed because of it and I am more fulfilled, as a hairdresser.” – Gerard Scarpaci

This  one week intensive course can be taken at the Goldwell Academy.  Don’t forget Sharon Blain Education offers a huge selection of DVD classes you can take from the comfort of your home or salon.  Perhaps,  a group of team members at your salon would like to purchase a set together and break out those trusty mannequins on slow days.



3. Steve Elias

We try to take a Steve Elias class every y ear because we learn something new and amazing everytime we are with him.   Steve has a very approachable teaching style that makes learning a breeze.  He is also kinda an editorial genius… so there is that…  

The New Romantics: Bridal Edition

Weddings can be stressful! How do you balance the needs of the bride and the wedding party with limited time without losing your mind? Learn essential tips and tricks from editorial hairstylist Steve Elias ( for bridal work with a new romantic twist. Ethereal up-dos, Fifth Avenue chignons, new takes on styles from the Victorian Era to the modern woman -everything you need to work smarter, not harder while letting the bride shine on her special day! You can take this bad boy at ISSE Long Beach this month!!



4.  Jason Backe

After spending a day with Jason Backe in Seattle and then witnessing his incredible talent and enthusiasm for color, well… we are ready to max out our credit cards.   Jason has this infectious excitement that truly exemplifies the Hair Nerd spirit.  He is pretty #MAJOR .

Revolution Blonde with Jason Backe

Create beautiful and healthy blonde hair-color without sacrificing strength and vibrancy with L’Oréal Professionnel ammonia-free innovative hair color. Experience classic blonde techniques, multidimensional blondes and double process blondes. Formulate gray coverage blondes, and toning blondes, to revolutionary ammonia-free!

Event Expectations

  • 2-day hands-on mannequin workshop
  • Understand Natural Contributing Pigment
  • Make the best product choice
  • Cover white hair with ease and soft beauty
  • Prolong the perfect blonde tone


5. Balayage Live with Nancy Braun

During a recent trip to LA,  we had to pop into BALYAGE by Nancy Braun in Beverly Hills and see what this color mixtress was up to… We think she is a total genius and her approach to color is definitely worth your time in a classroom setting.  Lucky for you.. Nancy is a top L’Oreal Professional Artist and teaches hands-on classes at the L’Oreal Soho Academy in NYC.

nancy braun

Final step in the L’Oréal Professionnel balayage certification program is the three-day certification Balayage Live test-out. Mannequin session and live model experience. Expert Balayage trainers will refine your new abilities to create beautiful, sun-kissed hair color. Now you can call yourself an expert in your salon and in your community.

Event Expectations

  • Three-day demonstration and hands-on session
  • Hands-on mannequins session review, day one
  • Personalize your very own live event day two and three
  • Test-out a L’Oreal Professionnel Balayage method
  • Balayage Foundations, Advanced and Creative are required prerequisites to become certified in the L’Oréal Professionnel method.



6. John Simpson Webinars

John is one of our absolute favorite educators in in the industry.  We have been attending his color classes and lectures for YEARS because not only do we love to see what tiny tie he will be wearing, but we can always count on a highly entertaining class performance.john simpson

It seems that Goldwell understood our need for John more than twice a year and began scheduling monthly webinars.   This is  PERFECT for us because we have our favorite Goldwell Twin  on a flat screen in front of us.  He brings special guests  on the show and they demo amazing color techniques while you sit in your jammies on the sofa with your laptop.      If only we could figure out a way to lure John  to our living rooms in person every month.  #GetOnItGoldwell


Register to watch  at


7. Epic Hair Movement

Let Epic entertain you! Ira Pope Sage and Mark Bunkall use visual dialogue to allow you to see things simplified. You can  see them live at Epic Mondays in Las Vegas. Epic Mondays is a music influenced, interactive haircutting experience. You can also bring them to your town, salon, or school. Are you prepared to let go of your fears? To laugh, learn, feel, and keep it real?

We just had an amazing weekend this pair and they presented a class (and dance moves) that we are still in awe of… They take great care in leaving you FEELING.  Not only are you going to pick up some major knowledge,  you are going to be inspired to love your craft, again.



8. Vivienne MacKinder

We recently attended one of Vivienne’s workshops and One of the things we were super stoked on was her mentorship program.   It is a combination of mentoring from Vivienne MacKinder and the HDTV Artistic Team that also includes assisting opportunities, “Monday Morning Feedback”,  a networking blog, competitions,  ”The Hot Seat”, and a one- year pass to HDTV Classic for tons of education. image_3

The Monday Morning Feedback  is this amazing opportunity to post your work through out the week and then “Monday Morning” an HDTV Artistic Team Member gives you audio feedback with direction for your next submission and ideas for continued study.  Cool right?  Someone to help you continually cultivate your eye.

9. Lisa Vann and Friends

Lisa Vann established Lisa Vann and Friends with her first event in February of 2009 when she invited 125 stylists to attend a fashion hair show with her dear friend Tony Masciangelo at the Alexis Hotel ballroom.  It was a way to bring some of the high fashion and editorial stylists from around the world to the Pacific Northwest. 

We were on-site for Lisa’s 9th show with Ted Gibson featuring Jason Backe and Stephen Dimmick and it was an absolute dream! Be sure and check out Lisa’s website to stay current on her hands-on workshops and the Lisa Vann and Friends class events.

10. Sebastian Editorial Class

This class had everything… braids, incredible texture, amazing educators, stalking Stephen Moody, homemade brownies and even a dance party.  #WellaLife is where it is at when you are looking at taking a studio class.  Carrie has been using the techniques she learned in photoshoots all year!  Check out our 2-day experience and then book your flights.  Why not escape the frigid winter temps and escape to sunny Southern California to play with your favorite Wella  peeps?


The Wella Interactive site will help you navigate all your educational needs!


11. Lupe Voss- Hair Color Magic

We think Lupe is a color goddess!  She is also one of the kindest and engaging humans we have ever met.  We guarantee Lupe will deliver value to every class she teaches!


Transform the way you see and formulate hair color. This one-day course will challenge you to take new approaches to textbook techniques. You will explore how light sees color, how to personalize formulas for each guest and how to ensure predictable color results. Get ready to put a fresh spin on classic hair color concepts and be inspired to reach your maximum potential.



12. Sassoon Cutting Class

You knew it was going to be included!  We think every Hair Nerd should have the opportunity to spend a week with the Sassoon Academy team and take the ABC Cutting Course.

Are you looking for the purest form of haircutting available? If you answered yes to this question, then the ABC | Cutting course is for you. One week devoted to the cornerstone techniques for all Sassoon trained stylists, allows you the time and space to truly perfect lines, graduation and layering. This course provides the very best foundation for boosting your skills and knowledge, which is only achieved by immersing yourself in hands-on practical work sessions and detailed tutorials from highly qualified instructors.


Ideal as a finishing course or for recently qualified stylists who want to perfect their technical skills or stylists who want to revisit classic cutting techniques.


13. Social Beauty Live

It’s time for pro beauty to meet the social + digital web.  To embrace the tools with the power to drive traffic like we have never seen before.  The revolution is in full swing, its time to dive in (intelligently), and enjoy the journey.  Nina Kovner, Co-Founder of Passion Squared,  and Michael Wilson, Director Business Development for Schedulicity, will share how the social + digital web can empower your business.

These high-energy sessions will help you discover:
• The WHY behind the social web for salons
• WHAT all these social platforms are and WHICH to engage on to grow your business
• HOW to become a more discoverable business on the web

Word on the street is these seminars will ONLY be available at the following Cosmoprof Shows: Nashville Fashion Focus, San Jose Spring Style Show,  World’s Fair in San Antonio and Charlotte Fashion Focus.  Before you panic… we have also heard rumblings of PassionSquared launching additional  education opps at ISSE Long Beach.  Guess you will just have to show up and get the scoop!

Maybe traveling to LA or NYC just isn’t in the cards for you this year… we get it! Did you know that Nick Berardi has created an incredible online education system?   This isn’t some rinky dink website with a couple of amateur you tube videos..  you will find 14 foundation cutting seminars, 34 creative cutting seminars, 6 men ‘s cutting sessions, 14 coloring courses and 4 seminars focused on updo styling.

Want master educators like Stephen Moody, TheDoves, Annie Leibman, Mark DeBolt, Michael Haase, Marissa Kosolofski, Claudio Lazo, Carole Protat,  Christina McCarver,  Diego Raviglione,  Victoria Thurman Hall, Joshua Michael Wagner,  Paula Rufo, Mirella Rota Sementilli, Jet Rhys,  Carrera Bailey,  Lindsey Rice,  Bryden Mugleston and Jeffrey Floyd at your fingertips?

Learn online 24/7 at your own pace and convenience and reach a new level of hairdressing mastery and confidence from anywhere around the world on any pc, mac, iphone, ipad, tablet or smart phone.


Invest in Yourself

No matter what class you take, you are ultimately investing in your career.  It is tempting to grab a Starbucks (or 3) everyday and to splurge on nights out and fun outfits you “must have”,  but in the end education will be the gift that keeps on giving long after the class is over.