For those of you who haven’t jumped onto the Periscope bandwagon, yet… we like to describe it as an interactive youtube channel.   It is beyond awesome for virtually a billion reasons and we are obsessed.


1. It is changing the educational landscape

The world of Periscope is seriously changing the way we view education.  Suddenly every demo we have ever wished longingly for is available to us.  Not only are we “look and learn”(ing), but we are asking questions… What formula are you using?  Which clippers are best for that cut? Can we come live with you and be #HairBesties? (Ok, maybe that one is just us.)

The beauty of periscope is the education goes with you, not the other way around.   We recently enjoyed Guy Tang, PhilDoesHair, Hairbrained,  XoStylistXo and LarisaDoll in one day from the comfort of Hair Nerd Headquarters. We aren’t going to stop traveling and attending classes, but now we have access to 24/7 Hair Nerdery.

Imagine if all your favorite educators knocked on your front door and said, “ Hey we were in the area and just thought we might come hang out and teach you a ton of valuable stuff and chill with all your friends.”  Yeah… so Periscope is a lot like that.

Periscope Collage

2. All Access Pass

What we love the most about hairventures is going backstage, seeing the prep for an event and harassing artists about their work while they desperately try to flag down security.  Our motto has always been “stalking minus the restraining order” and Periscope is giving us all the behind the scenes realness without the risk of jail time… ok, maybe not jail but being asked to leave an event and isn’t that like jail really???

Lately we have been obsessed with viewing broadcasts but don’t think for a second we aren’t planning on taking you guys on all our upcoming adventures.  Whether it is a tour of our fav. hair celebs salon/house or to a crazy sold out class we are sneaking into, you can bet your ass we will be broadcasting live for you.


3. Let’s Be Besties… FOR REAL.

It is no secret we meet people and then force them to be our #hairbesties.   What we are loving about this platform is getting to interact with other Hair Nerds who are spending their days watching all of these amazing artists also.  People we possibly wouldn’t meet under normal circumstances are becoming pals.

Not to mention we get to watch people share their daily life with us.  Just the other day, Philip Ring took his Periscope peeps grocery shopping.  So if you were ever planning to lure Phil to your house with a romantic dinner and then demand he teach you his pixel technique, well… you are good to go now.


In the end,  the Hair Nerd lifestyle is really about connecting with people as passionate about our industry as we are and Periscope is helping us accomplish that. So look us up, we wanna share with you all of our shenanigans and follow your hair journey.