Team-work makes the dream-work

Have you taken a class and theres multiple instructors and they just don’t vibe? It throws off your learning curve altogether and you leave feeling like you just wasted all your money. Well… Watching Chelsea James and Tab Salsman co-teach a class together was pure magic. Their teaching styles are very different.. but thats how you get ying and yang. 6 total haircuts in a 2 day hands on intensive foundational cutting class was more like watching a well choreographed dance production. Trading off haircuts, adding in extra info to each others step-by-steps and making sure all the students had everything they needed to be successful, it was perfection.


Body position is truly important

Yes, we talk about this all the time! Why…  because its true!

Music matters

The more upbeat, the more smiles you see and fun people are having. The radio station changed a few times, but when the boy bands came on, you could see everyone enjoying their haircuts and letting loose a little. If you’re not having fun while you’re learning, then really… whats the point.



Don’t go past the what…

The second knuckle!! We learn this in school kids and it always kills us when we see people going past the tension point. We’re always on edge to see if the shears will slip and today was that day… always a good lesson to re-learn every now and again. Keep it in the safe-zone kids.


Ask ALL the questions

There really is no such thing as a stupid question and if you still don’t quite get it, ask again. It was amazing to see all the ah-ha moments that were happening and it was as simple as ASKING.


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