We have told the story of how The Hair Nerds were born over cocktails and laughter after the North American Trendvision Awards 5 years ago.  What we failed to realize is that fateful night in LA so many years ago was on the 2nd annual NATVA. We have grown up with this competition and as the years tick by we like to think we are both getting better.

A lot has changed, but one thing remains the same… we still get that #HairNerd feeling at Trendvision… that excitement that prickles your skin… that overwhelming sensation that everything you fight to achieve in this industry is worth it… pure joy and love for hairdressers.



Erin was working at a Wella Signature school and scored a couple of tickets to attend the event. It was crazy last minute but we saw Brenton Lee was a finalist and decided to jump on a flight and support our friend.

The show was standing room only but the champagne seemed to help make the hours in heels strangely bearable. After an evening of inspiration, the winners were announce and the confetti dropped.  So began our obsession with Trendvision.

We had been traveling to every show and event we could  find for years, but there was something magical about that moment and we decided we should document our adventures.  NATVA will always be our birthday.



Our second Trendvision was as magical as the first and we were in constant awe of the competitors and living art installations.


As we were leaving a young man ran up to us with a group of friends and said,”Hey!!! You are The Hair Nerds!! I just saw you guys in Beacon at NAHA”.

It was like we were in a parallel universe because typically we were the ones going up to people.  We exchanged info and have been friends ever since!






NATVA 2013 came as the first year the competition was held in Vegas and a whole different vibe.  No longer a single night… it became a weekend of Bliss.



Love seeing our friends from Hairroin Salon each year. (Hi Sarah!!)




Back in LA and with BLONDIE there to entertain! 2014 was a year to remember.  (Side note- we may need a lace intervention…)

This also marks the year that Brenton Lee won the Gold for Color and got to complete for the Global award.  After going to support Brenton that very first year and watching him place year after year,  it was wonderful to see him finally take home the gold!




This was Annie’s first year at Trendvision and she immediately declared it her favorite event ever! That is how you know your heart beats #HairNerd… Trendvision is the event that reenergizes you and reminds you why you adore this industry.




Confetti Explosion.  You know it is coming.. you are anticipating it… somehow each year it is just as magical as it was the first year. Kinda like Trendvision…