[hair] [bey-bee-s]

noun. Children of Hair Nerds. These kiddos have bathrooms stocked with all the latest products AND know how to use them. Hair Babies are eager to #NerdStalk, frequently dining with celeb stylists and regarding NAHA as a National holiday.


Here’s 8 Hair Babies we only hope follow in their parents talented footsteps.


DJ Muldoon's Daughter


DJ Muldoon’s daughter, Mee,  is a riot! We LOVE when silly pics he post pop up in our feed like this one.



Julian and Tracie's son - Charlie


Charlie is the son of Traci Sakosits and Julian Perlingiero… so it’s no guess where he gets his awesome fashion sense from!


Eden Sassoon - Ty and Olivia


The bloodline is strong in the Sassoon family. Ty and Olivia are almost spitting images of their mom, Eden Sassoon and we can for sure see a little of their grandfather!


Sally Rogerson - Henry


Henry, Sally Rogerson’s son,  is making it rain! The proper use of a YS PARK water bottle we think!


Winn Claybaugh - Sofia


Sofia, Winn Claybaugh’s daughter, definitely has her daddies and all of Paul Mitchell wrapped around her finger… and we can see exactly why.


Sherri Jessee granddaughter

Sherri Jessee’s granddaughter is kinda the cutest thing ever and we only hope she follows in her Gandma’s footsteps. #HairBabiesRuleTheWorld


Megan Gage


Hot Tot Hair Care founder, Megan Gage, has a super stylist son who makes us want to double check our outfits before we leave the house. We can take a few pages out of his fashion book for sure.


Ted and Jason - Spencer


Furbabies count too!! Ted Gibson and Jason Backe’s furchild, Spencer, would be our new brother if we had things our way! #PleaseAdoptUs