Hair babies seriously have the best lives ever. We would love to trade places for a day with any of these lucky kids to experience what its like having full time access to some of the best hairdressers in our industry. Here are a few of the little ones from the big ones we love to stalk on Instagram


photo via Sally Rogerson Instagram

Little Henry gets to be a jet setter with mom, Sally Rogerson. We have a passport and are ready to travel!



Photo via David Thurston's Insatgram

David and Alexis of Butterfly Loft Salon in Southern California love taking their kiddos out to the Hollywood bowl. We think a Hair Nerd trip is in order the next time we are in LA!



Photo via Jenny Strebes Instagram

Jenny Strebe’s little guy sure loves his momma. We do too and love when she is at events we sneak into. The education is always great and can’t wait to see if this little one starts making videos soon too.



Photo via Tanya Ramerez Instagram

Tanya Ramirez sure has the right idea of starting her little #HairBaby out young. As stylists, we never have time to get our own hair done, so why not take a break for ourselves and teach the future generations of Hair Nerds.



Photo via Tracy S instagram

Charlie is our spirit animal. We are always so jealous of how cool this kid is. From his super cool threads to his laid back personality, he is defiantly going places. And with parents like Traci Sakosits and Julian Perlingiero… I’m sure he’ll find his perfect place in the world.



IMG_5337Mark and Richie have raised Tallulah to love Vogue, the beach and her daddy’s. We love those things too! I think we’ll fit right in.



photo via DJ Muldoon Instagram

Mee gets to go on the coolest adventures. Not only does she have parents in the industry but Grandparents as well. She already has been learning how to cut hair from her crazy talented father, DJ Muldoon, so we can’t wait to see if she follows the family footsteps.



photo via Jason Backe Instagram

And we could never leave out Spencer!! He’s living up the good life with daddies, Ted Gibson and Jason Backe, and we are uber jealous that he gets to spend his days with these two. As we always say, we know 2 Nerds who would love to be his adopted siblings.