Kim Creekmore – After Leaving a successful commission salon to booth rent, I knew that I had to implement structured business practices in order to be successful. My commitment is to share what have learned and how I have adapted them over the years so you can also be successful in business. Visit HairLoveDesign to learn more about Kim and her San Diego based salon.


Does your daily routine inspire you or leave you asking where the day went? Being mindful of your time and creating a routine for can allow you time for yourself, create harmonious energy in the salon, and leave each day feeling inspired.


#1 Wake up early!

  • When you start your day with plenty of time to prepare, you have already given yourself a beautiful advantage. Wake up early enough to:


  • Eat Breakfast. Truly enjoy your morning coffee or whatever routine is best for you. Not only does it fuel you for the day, it allows you to give some time to yourself before giving your energy to others.


  • Stretch! Take the time to stretch your back, hands, and legs. Spend 3-5 minutes and pamper your body. After a long day in the salon, you’ll notice the difference.


  • “You can Have Anything You Want if You Dress For it” – Edith Head. Don’t simply find your dingy black clothes and put your hair in a trendy messy bun, Choose your best professional salon clothing and get your eye brows on point! Spend time on your face and hair; it creates intention for the day.



#2 Arrive Early

There’s nothing worse than rushing through breakfast, rushing through traffic, then rushing through setting up your station, only to meet your first client feeling rushed. That rushed energy will transfer and affect the rest of your day. Arrive 15 to 30 minutes early so you can get everything set for your day, have some more coffee and serve your clients well.


#3 Plan Ahead

Look at your schedule for the day and see where you can improve each service to your client. Would they benefit from a conditioning treatment, or extra highlights around the face with that touch up? Take some time to think about your clients before they sit in your chair. This gives you an opportunity to change up their services and give them a better experience.

Bonus perk: It will increase your service dollars.


Don’t forget, it’s a great time to think about what your client might need in retail, increasing your end of the day totals. When you plan in advance, you are prepared and more efficient.


#4 Consultations, consultations, consultations

Having a consultation with every single client means that you dig deeper and find out what challenges your clients are having with their hair. If you don’t go beyond “what are we going to do today,” you are not honoring your client’s needs. Everyone who sits in our chair has challenges with their hair, whether it’s styling, color, products or uncertainty. Help them talk about what those are, ask instead, “What do you like about your hair and what don’t you like about your hair?” This will give you a better understanding about what is really bugging them, and how you can actually start solving their hair problems.


#5 Eat lunch

For the love of Kitten’s, schedule yourself a lunch every single day. Try to take it away from the salon and the gossip. Recharge for the rest of your afternoon.


#6 Help Out

We all need a little help sometimes, even if it’s acknowledging when someone is running behind and asking if they need anything. Bring your mates client a magazine or something to drink to make them feel welcome. It’s as simple as not complaining when someone leaves their bowl in the sink and washing it for them. Helping out a little, helps with everyone’s stress level. #PayItForward


#7 Excuse Yourself from Gossip

Taking yourself out of the situation is easy! Just excuse yourself when someone is getting started. No one needs that negativity. Toxic people love to share their trouble, it makes them feel better. Just start doing something else, I promise it will change your day for the better.



#8 Clean Up

Don’t put off cleaning until the next morning, see #1! Take a few extra minutes to make sure you are ready for the next day. Walking into a clean and organized salon in the morning is the best feeling and saves you time and frustration.

#9 Take Time for Yourself

After being a badass for 9, 10, or 12 hours, make sure you take the time to release the energy you absorbed through the day and honor yourself. End your day like you begin, eat a good dinner, stretch, spend a few moments to yourself and reflect on how awesome you are.