We were so excited when our friend Tonya wanted to share her experience  with all of us Hair Nerds! Here is her Hair-Venture..

Education in the Hair Industry is key to mastering your craft. I know this is a given to most. We all have our mentors and inspirational teachers, that are able to pick us right up when we may be “loosing creativity” for whatever reason. Education is the key to learn something new and even brush up on existing techniques that exists in your Hair rolodex of tricks and artistry. We need to be sponges and absorb all the experiences that are offered to us. Even if you have to ditch your friends or family for a day… a Hair Nerd will always make it work!!! And who wouldn’t ditch their loved ones for Sally Rogerson…. just saying – Tonya Landerholm

Ever since Sally Rogerson came to my school I have been stalking her…

So when she invited me to be a guest at one of the many educational classes she teaches. This was an offer not to be refused.

Festoon Salon, in San Francisco hosted her one day “Salon Creative Class”.  Sally’s “look and learn” class was welcome to all levels of stylists. It included the opportunity to watch Sally up close and personal as she performs her hair cutting magic on stage, demonstrating her amazing teaching skills.


She starts off by telling us a bit about herself. She was born in England. Grew up in a small town. Sally immediately, at the age of 16 she went to the big city to begin working at Sassoon.  Sally spent 20 years with Sassoon between London and Los Angeles. Including being a platform artist with her famous fellow Sassoon leaders of their time. She ended her career with Sassoon as Creative Director. Teaching is her passion and she wanted to do bigger things. Last year she began her independent company, S.R. Education.  Sally travels all across the country to educate at schools, salons and still teaches her 3 day classes in the L.A. area, while still managing a family life. Then she then ask the room to introduce ourselves. Which makes for a relaxed learning environment. Sally’s laid back nature keeps you in tune to her ways of sculpting. The class is quick to take notes on the head sheets she provides.

Vivian and Grace were Sally’s two models for the day. They were already prepped and ready to go. She sections the hair with geometrical shapes, as if she could pass for a geometry math genius. Sally jumps right in with the cut. She calls her sculpting “street style” and she is known for her disconnected cutting. “I love seeing hair fall to the ground”, Sally says with an understatement. The floor is not the only place hair lands when she is cutting. She even jokes about those of us in the front row better watch out, as if we were at a Seaworld whale show, about to get wet.

She is Like an Angel….

Sally had the room’s attention and began free styling her cut with line graduation and layering. Including her signature cutting style disconnection. Not one person moved from their chair, watching closely making sure not to miss a thing. She sent us on a break and we talked among ourselves.

We noted that she really has a way with teaching and we didn’t even realize that much time had gone by before we took our break. Sally’s finesse had us all captivated. Sally’s added the finishing touches to her first model. Cutting the rest of her hair dry. Fluidly moving the hair around checking for any imperfections (I couldn’t imagine she found any) and defining the perimeter of the hair. Using shorter hair to push the longer hair, this cut was remarkable.

With the flip of her hair, Sally continued with her second model and again we all sit not even moving out of our chairs. We don’t want to miss anything she might recommend. She taught us some key sculpting skills and gave us advise about working with your clients. After each model was done we all took 360 degree pictures of the finished look.

Vivian and Grace with their cool new do’s

Sally’s teaching skill keep you captivated. She holds great conversation with her students. Sally’s make learning so easy with her comical interactive style. This is why she is an a-mazing teacher. If you haven’t taken a class from her yet. Now’s the time to start working on it.  Things are about to get real intense for Sally within the next few months.

Sally just finished filming her S.R. Education DVD Series, that includes 10 haircuts, due to be released in June 2013.   The industry came together on KickStarter to help Sally realize her dreams. The series will be focused for all stages of your career.

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Take a class with Sally here: S.R. Education