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About Us

We are a group of self described Hair Nerds  who have completely lost touch with reality.  We eat, sleep and breathe the industry of HAIR.   Think of us as your new “Shear Slinging Besties”..  Planning our  family vacations around hair shows…  Waiting to  RSVP to summer weddings until we know what weekend NAHA is being held.. We are guilty of it all!   Those strange girls that are stalking you on Twitter…yeah, that is us.

If it has a place in this world of hair and beauty,  The Hair Nerds are there.  In the Nerd World, this is our fortress of refuge; a place we come to interact, stay up to date on competitions and advanced education, and stalk celebrity stylists (minus the restraining order).

Hair Nerd-

noun.  (hâr) (nûrd)

A person, usually a stylist, who is so passionate about hair they now plan their life around professional beauty events.  Hair Nerds are easily spotted by their fabulous coifs and attention to color formulas.



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