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About Us

Hair Nerd-

noun.  (hâr) (nûrd)

A person, usually a stylist, who is so passionate about hair they now plan their life around professional beauty events.  Hair Nerds are easily spotted by their fabulous coifs and attention to color formulas. Hair Nerds are a special breed. Planning family vacations around hair shows, waiting to RSVP to summer weddings until they know what weekend NAHA is being held; they are guilty of it all! If the beauty industry was a rock concert (which sometimes it seems to be) they’d be die hard fans!!


Our Story


The Beginning

In 2011 we embarked on an adventure so great that none of us would have ever predicted the twists and turns it has taken. With humble beginnings and an introduction in a beauty school,  two recent graduates joined their former Student Services coordinator on a trip to the Wella North American TrendVision Awards.  After a champagne fueled evening full of inspiration and overwhelming sense of belonging, The Hair Nerds were born.

We wanted to create a space that celebrated the incredible hairdressers that we meet from all over the world, a place that was truly for those people who love our industry.   We spend our days and weeks with our clients, teaching our students and consulting in the beauty industry.  We literally eat, sleep and breathe… HAIR.

In 2013  Amanda, one of our founding Nerds, married and was expecting her first child, when she decided the craziness of the Hair Nerd lifestyle was more than a tiny Hair Baby could handle and decided to focus on her career behind the chair.

Shortly after Erin and Carrie brought in Annie, a recent cosmetology school graduate, as an intern to teach her the Hair Nerd lifestyle and to travel and stalk with them.

 erin and annie about us 


Annie blossomed into a full fledged Hair Nerd  and travels alongside Erin attending shows, classes and hanging out with super awesome hair dressers.   The Nerds have also become extremely involved in helping Eden Sassoon end the water crisis through Beauty Gives Back and The Thirst Project.

Our days are filled with helping stylists and students discover amazing classes, mentors, competitions, events and shows.  It is our intention that everyone is as excited about the world of hair as us!