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Born and raised in the Bay Area – I moved alot going up!

Natural Hair Color:

I’m a strong level 3

Celebrity Obsession:

My “celeb” obsession started when my mom handed me my first Vogue Magazine. I instantly became obsessed with the imagery, covering my walls with spreads of amazing looks from Guess to Prada. I’d spend hours dreaming of making my own looks and sketching recreations of the shots I loved. I now know my mom was convinced I was a lesbian then! haha

What made you choose hair?

I have hair in my veins. My mom was a salon manager and many of my aunts and cousins were behind the chair so I grew up in salons. I was that girl who wore kmart clothes fresh outta layaway but  had all of  the best high end hair products at my finger tips. I knew very early in life I wanted to be a hair stylist.

What does your hair color say about you?

These days it is all natural, but what it screams is NO TIME! But not having the time to bleach out my hair every other week has been a good thing for my hair health.

I knew I was a HAIR NERD when…

On my seventh birthday my aunt treated me to a day at the salon and gave me a beautiful porcelin ballerina. I remember sitting in my chair watching all of the action of a busy saturday salon and having a  feeling of excitement, instantly knowing what I was going to do for the rest of my life. I still have my little ballerina, she always reminds me of the day I became a Hair Nerd.

Best part of  Hair Nerd life…

Meeting the hair nerds of the world has been such a blessing! Having the opportunity to travel and meet so many hairdressers gives me constant inspiration and thrist for more knowledge. I love how our industry has the ability to connect with eachother through hair, and I am so happy to be a part of it.

What do people find surprising about you?

I ride ATVs 😉

On a typical day you can find me…

Working 🙂 But I have fallen in love with my cosmo students, so it doesn’t feel like work all the time.

3 Fun Facts about you:

1.  I love to lay in the sun. I’d do it all day everyday if I could…

2.  I was a driving instructor at 18! haha

3. I crave new skills, love to learn new techniques!


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