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Hometown: Tyler, Texas (home of the bouffant)

Natural Hair Color: Red (though not as copper as I like..)

Celebrity Obsession: Lisa Loeb & Aaron Lewis (lead singer of Staind) So maybe I am just obsessed with the 90’s


What made you choose hair?

I like to think hair chose me!  I really wanted to go to hair school, but my parents pushed me to pursue a traditional degree.  Afterwards,  I ended up working in salons and hair schools. “You can take the girl out of the hair industry, but you can’t take the hair industry out of the girl” .. Oh wait, that isn’t how that quote goes.

Now I mix my Marketing/Journalism background and love for the beauty industry in this perfect balance of hairphoria.  The Hair Nerds is my refuge from reality.. a place where people understand my excitement and stalker tendencies.


What does your hair color say about you?

Apparently that I am super crazy.. Lol.  A TSA agent at the airport stopped me a couple of weeks ago to ask if “everything he had been told about red heads was true.” Uhhhhhhhhh, maybe?


I knew I was a HAIR NERD when…

I started rearranging our family trips and holidays to fit around Hair-Ventures. 


Best part of Hair Nerd life…

The Hair Nerd lifestyle.. No one questions me dropping everything and flying around the country to meet and hang out with my favorite hair celebrities. I love the energy at events, the “aha moments” in education and seeing the excitement in a new student’s face as they get their first set of supplies. Hairdressers are this amazing group of people.  I consider myself a very lucky girl to play with them so often.



What do people find surprising about you?

I rarely sleep.  I work into the wee hours of the morning.  So the first couple of e-mails you get from me at 3:00am may seem odd, but I assure you it is totally normal.


On a typical day you can find me…

Is that a real thing? Ummm, the internet..  I work with several amazing probeauty companies during my 9-5 life.  If I am home, soccer seems to dictate my schedule (secret soccer mom #sadpanda)  Most of the time I am somewhere between Northern California and Los Angeles, where it seems I need to live.

3 Fun Facts about you:

  • I am totally blind in my left eye from a birth defect.
  • My Texas accent only comes out when I drink, ya’ll.
  • I have a pretty intense collection of hair related shirts.  The front desk people at my gym are beginning to think I ONLY own salon shirts.