Imagine if when you were a cosmetology school you were invited to work backstage at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  Now pretend you were actually in fashion school and selected to present a collection.  Yeah… that happened.

We (The Hair Nerds and Tantalum Magazine) attended The Academy of Art University’s ninth season at Fashion Week and were absolutely blown away by the talent.


When we arrived backstage the excitement in the air was electrifying.  You could feel the designer’s anticipation.  Luckily for them,  veteran stylist, Jon Reyman,  was leading the hair for the show.   We sat down with Jon to get his thoughts on the experience.


How were you inspired to create the hair looks for the show?

The team got together at a photo shoot at the Academy of Art University a few weeks prior to decide on a look. We took all of the designers looks into consideration when making the final call. We talked trends, what we liked and didn’t like ultimately loving the black & white wig look. We felt this 1960’s retro vibe was beautiful and strong and perfect for every look.

You are a veteran backstage for fashion week for many professional designers. How did working with student designers differ?

The Boldness and no fear attitude these student designers hold. You see them celebrate their beauty with trend in its purest form. Professional design houses are built on the success of their collections, where as students lead with expression and experiment with their creativity without any risk.



If you could hand over one pearl of wisdom to aspiring hair nerds wanting to work backstage, what would it be?

Relax…& Have FUN! It’s just hair!


Favorite memory backstage…. Good, bad or hilarious…

An impactful moment that stands out to me was when I was assisting a “famous” hairdresser backstage at fashion week. Our look was a side bun, nothing crazy… just a side bun. The team got the models ready and he came to each of them for final look.

As crowds of people stood around  to over compliment him, telling him how this look was the most amazing look ever, I looked at one of my team mates shaking my head. It was the most simple and stupid thing, but sometimes egos and ass kissing go hand in hand. Like I said before, it’s just hair!


How was your experience working with Aveda Cosmo students backstage? What did you do to prep them?

I love to work with students! Usually they are much easier to work with. They have less bad habits, no egos and are eager to learn. We just all get in and do some hair together! I want them to enjoy the experience and continue to follow that passion.