Amy Freudenberg’s 19-year career in the hair industry spans fashion, film, editorial and education.Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Amy’s career began at Paramount Pictures where she worked as a stylist in the television division. She has styled celebrity clients including legendary actress Angela Lansbury, Rock of Love 2 star Jessica Kinni, and was a hairstylist at May’s Playboy Magazine Stars & Stripes charity event at the Beverly Hills Playboy Mansion. Dedicated to ongoing training, Amy has received certifications from the Vidal Sassoon Academy and Michael O’Rourke’s Institute of M.O.R. Courage, and has trained with L’ANZA Creative Directors, Oscar and Wendy Bond. A veteran photo stylist specializing in creative upstyles and fast finishing, she continues to be in demand with top editorial and fashion photographers, recently working with repeat NAHA nominee Babak in Toronto.Amy currently serves as L’ANZA Education Development Manager for MAKA Beauty Systems, where she travels the southwest providing training on L’ANZA products as well as styling trends and techniques.


We love all the different gigs you have had… Which has been your favorite?

I have to say it’s the Playboy events! They have the best parties and there are always very interesting hair looks and costumes!


Which has helped you you grow the most as a stylist?

Hands down doing NAHA photo shoots! Every time it pushes me creatively and  I grow from it as a stylist. I always encourage stylists to do NAHA for this reason, even it you don’t make a nomination, it makes you grow as a stylist!

 Who is the first person you call when you have placed as a nominee or won a hair award?

My now husband! He had a surprise dinner for me and is my biggest fan!


We love how your work always shows through as sexy and beautiful but still very artistic and detailed. What inspires your work?

Places I travel, always inspires me. Fashion as well. Movies too!


Top 3 Stylists you would love to work with:

1.Syd Curry


3.Ted Gibson


What 3 products would you die without?

1.Lanza Healing Style Powdered up, creates so much Volume and great for holding clip-in extensions!

2.Lanza Healing Style Spray gel, makes the perfect hold for setting the hair!

3.Lanza Healing Style Beach spray, for those sexy tousled hair look!

What has been the most amazing opportunity you have had in this industry so far?

Working with celebrity make-up artist Alexis Vogal with Pam Anderson for the her last Playboy cover! We had a great day just shooting at the Playboy mansion and having Hef come down and hang out with us!


Words to live by…

Never give up your passion!


What do people find most surprising about you?

That I am super approachable and happy to share my knowledge!


What is your next BIG goal?

Winning a NAHA!!! Doing more YouTUBE hair tutorials!

** Nerd Alert**  Check out Amy’s You Tube Channel .


Balance, how do you maintain yours?

Ice Skating, its a great stress reliever and makes me focus!


What about Lanza made you want to attach yourself to a product company?

The PRODUCTS!!! They are amazing and I loved all of them from the first  time I used them. Before Lanza, I loved 2 products from one line, 1 product from another line! It was hard having to go to one beauty supply to get one then another to get the other product! Now I have just ONE  line, one beauty supply!


Favorite Lanza product.

Hands down, Lanza Healing Style Powdered-up!


Biggest Mistake you see stylists making…

Not selling, knowing retail.  This is where stylist miss the mark…..salons have retail on their shelves but the staff has no knowledge of them. So they just sit there without educating themselves on them. Knowing your retail products are key to being a successful stylist as well as having technical  knowledge!


What is your philosophy on education?

You must fill your toolbox of education to the fullest, if you don’t another stylist will have a bigger and better toolbox!




To stalk Amy virtually, visit her website.  If you want to get down and nerdy, stalk her in person at a Lanza class.  (This is our plan for the weekend.)  Don’t worry… we will share all the  details!