We have never been to the Wella Studio and NOT had an amazing time….  So when we saw that Robert Lobetta was going to be presenting on the West Coast, well…  I think you can guess our reaction.

Come with us and let’s have a Hair-Venture!  An evening with Robert Lobetta, appetizers, cocktails and “surprises”… trust us,  there is nothing happening on Sunday night that is going to be better than Robert Lobetta and surprises… #Truth.


Robert Lobetta is truly a 21st Century icon. His journey has been a tremendous experience, from his beginnings as an apprentice to Ricci Burns salon, to hosting shows and lectures. He has now worked on hundreds of shoots (with photographers such as David Bailey) on films (Legend, 1985) and most recently was Creative Director for Sebastian International.

Robert Lobetta is known for his emotional power and raw energy. The Lobetta style is a juxtaposition between fragility and strength, tradition and modernity, but always underlined by a profound respect for the art and craft of his profession. With his impeccable background and continuous creativity Lobetta has gained an in-depth working knowledge of the hair and beauty industry. His visions are inspired by fantasy and reality, past and present, he has a reputation for honesty, authenticity, and integrity in an ever-changing market. Where rivals are constantly following trends, Lobetta elects to set them.


robert lobetta