Andrea Espinoza
Marketing Manager – Professional Hair Color

Paul Mitchell

me and cesar beach

Where are you originally from?

I’m from the San Fernando Valley – referred to as “The Valley” by L.A. locals because it is a sub of Los Angeles, California. Yep, I am 100% Valley Girl.

How many years have you been involved with professional beauty?

Oh my, it has been since 2000/2001, that’s 13 – 14 years– my how time flies!

What was your first gig in pro beauty?

I feel lucky I started as a Marketing Assistant for little brand called Formulas By Ecoly, developed by a talented hairdresser, Michael O’Rourke. He had just introduced a product called Big Sexy Hair Root Pump. He, with his very small but mighty team desired to expand on the “Sexy Hair” brand concept….can you see where this goes?  It was a fantastic time and I learned from extraordinary mentors who I still admire and love today.


What’s so great about pro beauty?

I love that the Professional Beauty industry is made up of spirited, creative, dedicated and giving people from many different walks of life. It’s so great! I LOVE behind-the-chair hairdressers who help their guests see themselves in a new light. They are the friends we turn to every 4 – 6 weeks for great color and cut, a short therapy session and a little bit of cheerleading for the guest!

What exactly do you do anyway?

I’m Marketing Manager for Paul Mitchell’s Professional Hair Color division. Whatever it takes to build, maintain or create excitement for this brand – I do it.

I’m someone who wants your job! What skills do I need to have?

Flexibility, creativity, dedication and a great respect for hairdressers.

What do you think is the single trait that all awesomely great stylists share? Why?

PASSION FOR THEIR OWN UNIQUE VISION.  A great stylist knows and understands the best direction for his/her guest, salon or product and isn’t afraid to share and to inspire others!

I hear you are quite the cook! What would you make that would totally blow me away?

My new favorite dish is Pollo con Chile Verde. It’s chicken with green chili. So easy to make and tasty too!


black and white

Who is your favorite beauty icon of all-time?

I have two beauty icons. One is Linda Carter as Wonder Woman. She was feminine, strong, sexy, wore enough make-up to be deceptively dangerous and yes – she had great hair. The other beauty icon for me is the Elizabeth Taylor. I loved all of her looks, but I’m particularly drawn to her 1950’s style . Today, many women – myself included – feel more comfortable with longer hair but she wore an adorable short cut, incredible outfits and perfect make up with a signature red lip…love it.

You live in LA, land of cars, cars and more cars and you HAVE a car! Why do you take the bus to work so much?

The drive from my home to the Paul Mitchell Creative offices is only 18 miles but takes an hour and a half one way on the 405 freeway during morning then evening traffic. The 405 is the busiest freeway in the world. My commuter bus offers a timely and comfortable ride, without the frustration of battling traffic in about the same amount of time or less…plus I can read on the bus!


with cousins

I personally love Latin culture! If you had to define it, how would you do so?

Living in beautiful Southern California, and coming from a close, Mexican-American family, I have always been surrounded by the rich Latin culture. It’s rich in music, food and has it’s own unique, warm sense of friendship and support. It’s where I get my core strength, sense of peace….and, of course, my LOVE of a good fiesta! 🙂

World’s best Tequila?

Uh, Patron, of course!

Personal Mantra?

“Never lose sight of the fact that just being, is fun.” – Katharine Hepburn

Paul Mitchell product you can’t live without!

Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner – these products are hair savers for me. They quench the thirst of my thick, course, naturally curly hair leaving it soft, detangled and manageable. Another plus is the lavender fragrance is calming in shower – just love it. (although I admit I do also love the Kerative Protein blend in the our Forever Blonde products, too. I sneak a little of that every-now-and-then…even though I’m not blonde!)