Hair Nerds are a special breed. Planning family vacations around hair shows, waiting to RSVP to summer weddings until we know what weekend NAHA is being held; we are guilty of it all! If the beauty industry was a rock concert (which sometimes it seems to be) we’d be die hard fans!!


So here’s the 411…


Photo bu The Hair Nerds - NAHA 2014


When we go to events we make sure we have up front seating. If that means we snuck in with our press badge or snagged the seats with our NAHA nomination, you know we’re going to be there front and center. We like to smell the sweat from the front of the stage.


Photo by The Hair Nerds - Paul Mitchell Caper 2015


…and we mean from the front.


Photo by The Hair Nerds - Sassoon Slumber Party


We stalk our favorite people until they invite us over for slumber parties…


Photo by Philip Ring


And we can always spot our kind in the Airport when traveling… to hair events of course!!


Which brings us to the question… Are you the “Hair Nerd” of your group of Hair-besties?


So you need to ask yourself a few questions…

1. What’s in the trunk of your car?

-If your answer was: 17 doll heads, a swag bag and a suitcase from a 24-hour road trip you just got back from for a last minute class you took cause you found out Heather Chapman was teaching a class in LA and that was ONLY a 5 hour drive and you couldn’t really pass that up.. then yea, you might be a Hair Nerd.


2. What was the last TV show you watched?

-If your answer was: What Not To Wear, but you only like to fast forward to the part when Ted Gibson gets his hands on them cause it’s not just a makeover at that point, but a makeover for their soul, then you might be Hair Nerd Annie.

-If your answer was: Shear Genius, a YouTube tutorial, a beauty related webinar, documentary, hair-video, Vidal Sassoon The Movie (one of our personal favs), etc… again, you could possibly be a Hair Nerd.


3. When was the last time you did something hair related (beside actually doing hair)?

We thrive on Hair Shows, education and surrounding ourselves with like-minded Hair Nerds. We need a life with variety and spontaneity to it. We love the fact there are so many things we can do in this industry besides actually doing hair… even though we LOVE actually doing hair!

-If your answer was: ANYTHING hair related and it was within the past two weeks, you, my friend, are on the right track to becoming the best Hair Nerd you can be.



So to keep up with being a good Hair Nerd, check out the shows/classes page and make sure you keep entering competitions. You cant win if you don’t enter!