When we decided to make ARROJO Expo a huge focus during our Chicago beauty weekend it was because we wanted to be at an event that celebrated hairdressers.  We wanted to be with our favorite people in this industry… our family… people that focus on the craft and care about education beyond product sales.




We started our day off at Park West behind the scenes with the ARROJO team for model prep.  Watching these artists create gorgeous styles was incredible.

The segments incorporated both inspirational and wearable looks which is what we immediately think of  when someone mentions ARROJO.  The reason we adore this brand is there is such a huge focus on client friendly looks.  We always leave with inspiration for behind the chair.

We had a chance to hang out and talk to the makeup team assembled by Rudy Miles and find out where everyone was from and their background.

We laughed because this artist in particular had a really cute story.  She had taken a very early train into Chicago that morning and as they began approaching the city she ran into the bathroom.  Apparently her makeover was so dramatic that her seat mate declared it to be a “magical bathroom”.  I think we have all had those experiences!! ::Smoke and Mirrors::

Rudy hooked all the girls up with his newest brush set {which can be purchased here} .  Carrie immediately fell in love with the brushes and we had to keep an eye on her for fear a set might “mysteriously disappear”.  She almost had to take a time out!


Our new favorite friend, Russell Mayes, was awesome and saved us a front row seat while we ran to the hotel to change!   The entire show was was absolutely stunning…

Expo featured three runway shows. Respectively inspired by S&M, modern multi-texture, and colorful street style, collectively, the collections tell a story of a brand on the vanguard.



Immediately everyone had their phones out to document the action.  Follow @TheHairNerds on Instagram and Twitter for play by play coverage of the events we attend!


The models were flawless.




In between segments,  Nick Arrojo did a live razor demo and the crowd lost their minds.  No matter how many times you see him on stage the excitement is still there!


Amanda Jenkins and Lina Arrojo demonstrated  American Wave and the incredible texture it produces.




By nurturing a sense of camaraderie, bringing together a network that inspires and motivates one-another, and opening the door to our heritage, habits and values, the objective of Expo is to make a positive contribution to the craft. And to have a good time while we do. -ARROJO



 You could feel the energy.. the room was electric with passion for our industry… and then Derrick Carter took the stage and we partied all night.



500 hairdressers spent the evening together fueling their creativity. There were plenty of other places they could have been, but they chose to be with their tribe… fellow Hair Nerds.

Huge Thanks to Russell Mayes for the video and black and white prep photos & Randy Taylor for the show photos!! You guys are our knights with shining cameras!