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Hairdini noun. [hair-dee-nee] A stylist who magically fixes blazing orange hair and transforms it into a milky platinum blonde.  This stylist transforms the girl next door’s unruly mane into the luscious locks of a Victoria’s Secret model.   Bad Hair Beware.. I have heard legends of the mystical Hairdini.  It is rumored she took a level 1 to 10 in one process with no toner or damage.  ...

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Powder Shower

Powder Shower verb.  [pou-der]  [shou-er] Using hair powder, dry shampoo or Baby Powder (desperate times call for desperate measures) to rock your blow out a fourth day. “I am trying really hard right now to remember the last time I washed my hair. If I’m having this hard of a time it can’t be good.”- Kelly Michael, stylist.   Looks like Kelley has been taking full advantage of the Powder Shower… Here’s to you Kelley and all your hair powder glory..   Powders and Dry Shampoos The Hair Nerds Love:        ...

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  The idea for The Hair Nerds was dreamt up on Flt#705 after a whirlwind trip to the Wella Trend Vision Awards.  Being total hair nerds we spent the entire weekend supporting friends who were nominated, visiting local salons and discussing the beauty industry NON-STOP. We were lacking a place for the hair enthusiast to go and just be, well… A Hair Nerd.  This is our fortress of refuge.  We come here to obsess over new products, upcoming education, trade shows and all things Hair. Hair Nerd-  (hâr) (nûrd) noun. A person, usually a stylist, who no longer cares about what...

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PM Day 2

              [EasyGallery id=’paulmicthellthegathering’]                                                                  ...

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