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Jessica Zeinstra

Jessica Zeinstra has devoted her entire professional career to the craft of men’s grooming and the art of classic barbering. She has worked with several high profile artists and companies developing curriculum for men’s haircutting programs and teaching advanced education classes across the globe. She is an animal lover, known rambler, coffee addict, can usually be found at a Pure Barre studio when she has free time (but who has that?!) and speaks fluent sarcasm. Jessica also hates long walks on the beach and is terrified of deep water. Her work can be found in Modern Salon, American Salon,...

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Meet our newest contributor – Kim Creekmore

About the Author Kim Creekmore – After Leaving a successful commission salon to booth rent, I knew that I had to implement structured business practices in order to be successful. My commitment is to share what have learned and how I have adapted them over the years so you can also be successful in business.   Hi Hairnerds! I’m so grateful to be given this opportunity to share with you some of the things I have learned in my 12 years doing hair. But most importantly I’m going to be diving in to sharing business practices that I devoured and...

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Julie Kocanyar – NAHA Edition

Growing up in the 90’s, Julie was inspired by her childhood and brought in inspiration from that to her texture collection. Self-doubt isn’t holding this girl back, so keep your eyes out for this one. Instagram @HairByJulieKocanyar...

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Wendy Bond – NAHA Edition

Sometimes the simple act of watercoloring with your daughter inspires you to create a collection worthy of NAHA… Wendy Bond explains how she did just that. Take a look behind the curtain of her brilliance and watch her create color formulations you’ll want to use again and again. Instagram @WendyBondHair @LakmeUSA...

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Damien Carney – NAHA Edition

Arguably one of the most talented hairdressers in our industry, Damien Carney speaks about life in-front of and behind the camera. Watch as he takes you step-by-step in creating his (enter word for brilliant, magical, fantastic, sophisticated, etc.) editorial campaign. Instagram @DamienCarneyPro...

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Sharon Tranter – NAHA Edition

Sharon shares her hilarious adventure through the process of creating her 2017 NAHA collection and shares quite a few pearls of wisdom as well. We consider her the new funny girl of the industry and we think you will too. Instagram @SharonTrantereducation    ...

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Thank You Vidal

Dropping everything at the age of 26 and starting over would be scary for anyone. Quitting your job and calling your parents to tell them you’ve decided to go back to beauty school is a terrifying phone call to make, but I did it. I received my esthetics license in 2006 (20 y/o), but I felt like something was missing.  I needed more from the industry then what I felt I could have through skin care alone. So I found a school and signed my life away. The few days before starting cosmetology school seemed like they should be full...

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Kelly Gorsuch

 Kelly Gorsuch grew up in a family of hairdressers. He currently owns Immortal Beloved hair salons in Washington, D.C. and Richmond, VA, as well as four locations of the Barber of Hell’s Bottom in those cities. Kelly teaches upscale hairdressing and shares his knowledge of the hair business. Whether teaching a haircut or a management tactic, his teaching philosophy derives from his ethos of elevated hairdressing.     What does a “typical” day look like for Kelly? I wake up in either Richmond, Va where our new location is, or in Washington, DC. I spend the first couple of...

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Whitney VerMeer at Barbercon

Our new bestie recently took over our Instagram to cover her experience at Barbercon in NYC. We think getting to see events from all perspectives is so important, especially to show those who would like to follow those footsteps what kind of opportunities are available in this amazing industry we get to call home. A HUGE thank you to Whitney for her takeover and giving us a peek behind the curtain.     Recently I attended and performed for Barbercon in NYC at Terminal 5. Barbercon is one of the biggest barber expos in the world. For the set...

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Lyndsey Bardnell

Lyndsey Bardnell, Vice President of Strategic Projects and Industry Development at Luxury Brand Partners, is responsible for spearheading project-based initiatives that benefit the beauty industry as a whole. In this role, Lyndsey has been instrumental in creating Ideologue, a biannual conference that gives salon owners and stylists access to global thought leaders, and producing the documentary The Reset, hairstylist and filmmaker Howard McLaren’s inside look at the beauty industry. In addition, Lyndsey facilitates strategic talent acquisitions, leads business school classes and continues to expand the scope of The EmpowHERment Project, an initiative that promotes the recognition and mentorship of...

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New York Fashion Week is an amazing thing. The smell of sweat and hairspray in the air is intoxicating while you’re on an adrenalin and coffee fueled week. We wanted to you experience it with us and used Facebook Live to help you live in the moment. If you couldn’t catch it, we’ve uploaded them here to re-live it again and again.   Note: Facebook removed some of the videos due to the music that was playing during the shows. We apologize for you not being able to watch all the videos, but have included extra videos sourced from...

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Steve Elias – Where are they now

We thought it would be fun to take a look back at where it all started… and it started with The Hair Nerds interviewing some of the coolest people we knew. So many things can happen in 5 years and we wanted to play catch-up with the ones that helped us get things going. 5 years can change a person. Describe a day in the life of Steve today… 5 years fly by in a flash! Nowadays I try to have morning coffee with the husband before he goes to school to get his Public Health Doctorate here in...

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Janine Jarman – Where are they now

We thought it would be fun to take a look back at where it all started… and it started with The Hair Nerds interviewing some of the coolest people we knew. So many things can happen in 5 years and we wanted to play catch-up with the ones that helped us get things going. What have the last 5 years brought about for Hairroin Salon and Janine? So, in the last 5 years we have celebrated a 10 year Hairroin anniversary, I had a baby and am now pregnant with another one. We opened Hairroin NY in mid town...

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