This is your chance! Never before has an extreme hair, makeup, and wardrobe competition been produced on this scale. Think massive exposure. Battle of the Strands, now in it’s third year, has expanded to both national and international audiences. Twelve teams of beauty professionals will endure the ultimate in challenging elimination rounds. Culminating in the top 5 teams battling it out for the title before a panel of celebrity and industry icons in beautiful Las Vegas!




Kim Vo
Master Colorist
Kim Vo led his salon team in winning Battle of the Strands 2011 & was host of last year’s competition. Kim is known as a judge of hit series Shear Genius, featured in several TV Shows & multiple publications, with Vogue Magazine naming him “the Best Blonder in the business”. Also known as the Master Colorist to the stars, Kim’s transforming experience in Battle of the Strands 2011 drew his passion to help expand the reach of the competition for other salons in the US & the rest of the world to experience!



Kandee Johnson
Youtube Sensation
Kandee is a YouTube phenomenon who has captivated the hearts of over 5 million web beauty aficionados. With over 185 million page views & a million dedicated subscribers to her channel, Kandee has shared her passion for Hair, Makeup & Beauty to a global audience. As one of the judges of BOTS she brings in a fresh perspective on Beauty that complements the industry panel of experts.


How to Enter

Build a team of 3 diverse people. Remember this is a hair, makeup, and wardrobe competition. You will be showcasing a model. Give yourselves a clever name. Spots are limited. Help your chances of being selected by making a minute long video telling us:

Your team name

Salon name (if you are representing a salon)

Team city

And WHY you deserve to be selected to compete!

Remember to let your personality shine in these videos. We are looking for you to stand out. Download the mail-in Team Registration form by clicking here, or just use the quick form below. We can’t wait to hear from you!

{See below for Official Rules and FAQs}


Where & When Can I Qualify?


Official Rules and FAQS

You’ve seen the photos and videos.

You have what it takes.

Now answer the call of Battle of the Strands!



1. Put Your Team Together:

You must first choose 3 members in total to be your team. Choose wisely. Remember skill is not good enough. You need passionate teammates who have killer instincts & do not give up.

You must represent a salon that at least one of you works with. You can use the salon’s name or create a team name.

2. Register Your Team:


Fill out the registration form or receive one from affliates of the competition.

Submit your form ONLINE or mail them to Elena Maestas, Battle of the Strands, Inc. 2485 Village View Drive, Green Valley Corporate Center South, Green Valley Parkway, Henderson NV, #89074

3. Make a 60 second Video & Submit It:


With your Iphone, Ipad or any video device, take a video of your team. Remember to keep it short and sweet. Our Judges may decide to only watch the first 60 seconds of your video.

Tell us about each one of you and what makes you special? Tell us how quirky you are, how talented and amazing your work has been, your dreams, passion, what you are willing to do, how extreme you are, and above all, why you think you deserve to be in the Top 5.

Upload your videos on YouTube and send us the link through:

4. Wait For a “Confirmed Slot” or a “Chance Pass” on the Qualifier Round:


Once we receive your video, our representative will confirm your entry at this point we will let you if you have a confirmed slot at a qualifying round. Please request in which qualifying round you would like to join us when submitting your video. Qualifier Rounds take place in NY, Orlando, Las Vegas, as well as a final round online.

Last minute? You can also register ONLINE to participate in any of the Qualifier Rounds.You will receive a CHANCE ENTRY PASS based on your answers through email, and personal interview with one of our representatives.

5. Be Ready for the Most Amazing Experience of Your Life!


On its third year, Battle of the Strands has so much in store for all the teams, especially with our TV and media partners. The entire competition will be filmed and you may find yourself on TV. This means if you have any existing contracts with a television network, you must disclose this upon entry. By entering you are aware that joining has no conflict with your existing commitments. Be prepared for photo shoots and filming schedules with our media partners, High Noon Entertainment (TV producers) and Televisa Publishing and Digital. Surprises are guaranteed around every corner! Many details of the competition are not disclosed to ensure an even playing field. Dates and venues may also change. So keep checking our website for “breaking news”. Battle of the Strands is not for the mediocre. Those who JOIN know that they can STRAND UP & BE PROUD of their MASTERY of the ART OF BEAUTY. You know who you are! Don’t wait for this opportunity to pass you by.



The judges choose based on the ability of each team to deliver High Levels of creative expression in Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe & Stage Production. And since you are a TEAM, the panel will pay close attention to how your team works together.

You must present the REAL YOU. Individually and collectively, your entire team will also be evaluated by our judges. This includes your professionalism, creativity, and skill level.


There is no fee to enter the competition. Simply Register through the website or by mailing us your form as specified above and submit your team’s video.


This information will be contained in the letter you will receive once you have registered to Join Battle of the Strands. You will be advised what you can bring and cannot bring to the competition.


In 2012, the Champions won $50,000 worth of Prizes. This year the winner will win $100,000 worth of Prizes. This in addition to the publicity and promotions on TV, Print & the Digital Media. More details will be announced before the Final Battle.


The Champion of Battle of the Strands cannot compete for two years after they have won. This means that only last year’s (Kim Vo Salon) and this year’s Champion (Glam Alliance) cannot compete. All other salons are allowed to join.

Slots for the qualifying rounds are filling up now! Don’t wait as limited spaces are available!


***For more information regarding this contest please visit ***  Information and images collected from Battle of the Strands.