Our intern, Heather, is a new graduate and recently licensed so of course we wanted her to attend Beacon. Ever wondered what exactly Beacon is and why you should compete to win one of the coveted spots? Let Heather explain….*The Hair Nerds


If you are a student or getting close to graduating from school, you should definitely not allow Beacon to go unnoticed. Beacon gives students an outlet to meet and learn from some of the most amazing mentors in the industry.

With guest speakers such as Charles Marcus, Larry Curtis, Vivienne Mackinder, Geno Stampora, and many more… we were all amazed by the wisdom, and insight that these industry legends were willing to share with us. I had the most amazing weekend being surrounded by so many inspirational people that had the same love for the industry as I do. Love you PBA!!


Beacon Buddies!! Myself and Brock “Ergo” Goldberg ready to take on the Beacon/NAHA weekend.

Saturday Meet and Greet

To start the weekend off right, we went over the planned schedule for Beacon, and I was super excited about the line up!! Geno Stampora who was our host for the weekend started it off right by introducing Michael Baker, Founder of The 2nd hand Scissor Project.

A few weeks prior to this weekend they sent out a mass email to all Beacon students giving them the opportunity to receive a pair of shears passed down from Master Hairdressers. The students were asked to write a paper about an industry legend, and these are the 5 winners that Michael chose out of the 60+ entries.

Michael Baker Founder of 2nd Hand Scissor Project and the Five Second Hand Scissor Winner’s from Beacon

Then we couldn’t help but dive head first into our Beacon swagbags, and shuffle through the glorious contents, along with the official Beacon T-shirt.

Two Pivot Point look book’s, PM Product, Session Bag, and The Official Beacon T-shirt.

After the Intro to Beacon, we headed over to the NAHA Get Together Party(it’s been said that this is where the magic happens, or begins), where I was able to personally Nerdstalk some of the NAHA Finalists. ** Also we may have seen a Ghost of the NAHA past.


The Teals, The Hair Nerds, Jake Thompson, Andrew Carruthers, Jeremy McDougle.


Sunday Beacon Kick-Off

The morning started off with PBA’s Business Forum, which featured Arianna Huffington, Founder and CEO of the Huffington Post. Arianna mentions that in today’s society, success is defined as money and power, where she recommends we  enhance it by including health and well-being. I guess we outta cut back on airplane peanuts and reduce our happy hour celebrations.

She also recommends creating a daily time to disconnect from all technology, and giving yourself time to really take in the world around you. Is it truly possible for a Hair Nerd to do this? Maybe….. Put the Lap Top down.

Arianna Huffington at the PBA Business Forum


Geno Stampora Kicked-off our Beacon morning with his Four Basic Principles:

1.Be the person you were on the first day of school! Excited!

2. Never underestimate the power of inspriration. People that live an inspired life, have more potential of excellence.

3. Give 100% all the time.

4. Share only the good. Leave the bad behind.



Next, the amazing Larry Curtis, owner of Taylor Andrews, says, “It’s not how good you are, it is how good you want to be.” Every Beacon student also received a copy of his DVD Mission: Possible. Can’t wait to pop this baby in the TV. Salon Success here I come.




In finishing Beacon for the day, and getting ready for our NAHA night, we closed with Charles Marcus who focused on Incredible Customer Service and Interaction with your Client.


“Quality and Service will be remembered long after Price is forgotten.”


After an amazing day, why stop now?!?!  NAHA 2013 was going to be a night to remember!


NAHA 2013


Along with all of the awards NAHA put on some amazing presentations.


Monday Funday!!

Monday started off with a inspirational session of Q&A with NAHA Finalists, Winners, previous Beacon winners, and huge name Hairstylists.  Inspiration flooded the room as these amazingly accomplished industry stars shared their experiences.


Stephanie Kocielski of JPMS


Maggie Mulhern accompanied Allison Shipley(the Modern Salon Gals) to the Beacon platform to share what Artists Sessions has to offer. Artist Session is for licensed salon professionals that want to learn how to do a photo shoot, how to maximize those photographs, how to amp up your profile.


Modern Salons Artist Sessions.


Vivienne Mackinder ended  Beacon with a Bang! Vivienne says,” Motivation gets you GOING, but Discipline keeps you GROWING.”

Vivienne Mackinder

Finding a Mentor by Vivienne Mackinder:

1. Example: Builds credibility.

2. Experience: Been there.

3. Empathy: Understands the challenges.

4. Empowerment: Confidence

Needless to say, my weekend was amazing, inspirational, motivational, and full of excitement.


Beacon 2014 is right around the corner. To get details and to enter: Beacon 2014.