Bellus Academy Hair Nerd Collage

Bellus Academy is nationally recognized as one of the leading innovators in beauty and wellness education. Their instructional team provides students with one of the finest technical educations available in the nation. Bellus features The S.T.A.R. Precision Haircutting System, developed by Artistic Director Diego Raviglione and Master Educator Nick Berardi, is designed to give the best foundation in the art of percision haircutting. S.T.A.R. haircutting system is designed to evolve as the student’s technical skills and creativity become stronger, building the confidence and knowledge these cosmo cuties need to find success in our industry.  Bellus Academy has four locations in Poway, El Cajon, National City, CA and Manhattan, KS. We have had the pleasure of meeting many of these rockstar students and passionate educators over the years with their constant participation in competitions and events such as TrendVision and the Annual P&G Student competition. So getting the chance to spend the day at Bellus was really exciting and so much fun! These students really have a great understanding of the world of beauty and their excitement to concour the hair world was intoxicating! ~ The Hair Nerds


Good Morning Sunshine…


Starting the morning with a nice warm welcome from a room filled of excited and talented students is always a good start! We talked about the importance of continued education, networking and competing in hair competitions. I was so touched by each of their Hair stories and was instantly bonded to them through tears and laughter.


Of course, we had to bring in some #HairNerdSwag for these Bellus Beauties!


We had the pleasure of sitting in on Diego’s demo before the grand tour. He took us into each classroom to really get the inside look at the school’s culture.


After our tour we got to chit chat with Diego and Lynelle, President of Bellus,  about some of the super-secret upcoming things Bellus has in store for 2014.  Don’t worry we will keep you posted!


A very big “Thank You” to the Bellus Academy family for being such wonderful hosts!

For more information about Bellus Academy, visit their website