Brenton Lee started cutting hair at the age of fourteen. He found his niche as a hair artist and enrolled into beauty school at 16 years of age. Brenton Lee has competed in numerous hair styling competitions nation wide winning over 20 hair styling awards.

Having recently opened his on salon in Pasadena, CA , he still remains a platform artist/educator.  Brenton travels throughout the U.S. training and teaching at major hair shows. One of his main focuses for the hair industry is to give back by teaching young professionals and offering his talents to support charities.

As a  hair stylist, his work has been on red carpet events and t.v. shows, working with celebrities, such as Lindsay Lohan, Nia Long, Melody Scott Thomas, MC Lyte, and Susan Anton.   He has been published in national hair magazines, such as Modern Salon mag., Canadian Hairdresser mag. and African Vibes mag., for his award winning looks.


Something we most admire about you is your passion for competition.  What do you think you have learned the most from the competition  process?

That there are soooooooo many “pros” to competitions and not one single “con” I can think of!  Competitions are a process where  you can gain so much knowledge.  The thing I learned most is mastering and polishing my craft.

Competitions can come down to the smallest detail sometimes and you learn to become extremely detail oriented. You’re always pushing the envelope and trying to come up with something new, or the next Trends to beat other competitors, which keeps you always on your toes with education.

Competitions are exciting and keep me inspired.  The adrenaline is on another level!


Which competitions do you suggest and why?

Oh man, there are so many… I suggest them all!  Trend Vision, NAHA, Gold Well Color Zoom, Stars Photo Competition (ABS Chicago), Barristar (student comp), S.I.B.E, and the list goes on…

All the competitions will give you some sort of exposure big or small.  Most important is the education you receive… even if you don’t win, it is tremendous.  So that why I promote competing…  Because it’s not always about winning.  (I hate losing, though!!)


Trend Vision is an amazing and structured competition, what is your advice to someone who is preparing to compete?

B.Lee: For Trend Vision it’s all about picking the Trend that inspires you the most.  You have to really dig deep into  the architecture, nature and beauty of the trend and then bring it to life on your model.   Make sure the total look is on point from head to toe because this is a competition where every detail is being examined.


You are on-site with editorial work, frequently. What is the nuttiest thing that has ever happened while you were on set?

I remember one time we had a concept for an amazing editorial shoot. It was a 3 hour drive to our location. We wanted to  shooting in these sand dunes, because me and this photographer  always try to choose the dopest locations. Our van was filled with the 6 person team and got stuck in the mud right on location.  It ended up taking the whole day to get out and  we didn’t get one shot. We ended up just driving the 3 hours back pissed.



Top 3 Stylists you would love to work with:

1. Robert Cromeans

2. Ted Gibson

3. Nick Arrojo



What made you decide to take the leap from Salon Stylist to Salon Owner?

My goal is to build an amazing team and brand. I am inspired by Paul Mitchell & Vidal Sassoon.

I want to create a culture and atmosphere where I can train and also be inspired by the amazing team around me. We share the  same positive energy and dedication, and where better to do this than my own salon.

The salon will also have a photography studio to help hairdressers build their portfolio and competition entries .  I am driven to create a place where we are focused on education…both for hairdressers and clients.

A lot of salons are not educating the people who sit in their chair, and I wanted to create an atmosphere that focused on continued learning.


Which classes/ techniques have blown your mind ?

Right now, I am into techniques that give the hair different and amazing textures.  Any class that is inspirational.

Its always good to be refreshed on things, even if you’ve done it for a long time. There is always something you will learn and pick up on.


How do you use your talents to make a difference?

Its so crazy that doing hair can actually change someone’s life in many ways.  We have the power to make someone feel good and better about themselves.  So I try to use my talents to empower men women, build self esteem, and motivate people.

I enjoy teaching other hairdressers to do the same by mastering their craft and making a difference in the people lives who sit in their chair.  I also enjoy giving back to charities and help women feel good about themselves, making them feel beautiful. I feel it’s all about giving back… anyway you can!


What 3 items would you die without?

1. my hands
2. shears
3. inspiration


What has been the most amazing opportunity you have had in this industry so far?

Wow, I had the opportunity to be the key hairstylist for Michael Jackson’s  “We are the World’ (Haiti).  I met everyone there from Barbara Streisand to Usher.  There were over one hundred celebrities all there for a good cause,  raising funds for families in Haiti.  It was also the year Michael Jackson passed away, so it was a tribute for him, as well. That for sure had to be one of the highlights of my career.


Have you ever had an “OMG, what the hell am I doing here?!” moment? Share.

I showed up to a photo shoot where the  model was cast before anyone met her in person.  She gave us her measurement and said she was 5’11” tall and a size 0.   When I arrived on set  she was 5ft and more like two 0’s with a 5 in the front (500lbs).  I was like what the hell is going on here?!!!   I don’t discriminate against plus size models, but  it was just  funny because she lied.  True story though!!


Words to live by…

“Aint nothing to it, but to do it”


On a perfect day I spend it….. and eating……

On a perfect day, I spend it traveling somewhere I have never been exploring something new and eating whatever I can get my hands on…  it has to be some kind of meat because I can eat!


What do people find most surprising about you?

I listen to jazz and classical music regularly. Yup, thats my $$hit!  lol


What is your next BIG goal?

My next big goal is to win a NAHA award.


Balance, how do you maintain yours?

Wow it’s so hard, and I’m still working on it because I’m a true Hair Nerd (maybe that’s why I’m doing this interview) , but I always put spiritual things first.  I also, make time for my family, friends, and girlfriend.