Nerd Contributor, Steve Kim, hit up Butterfly Circus and we gotta say…  We are pretty jealous!


The Butterfly Loft Salon has been turning their Sherman Oaks, CA location into an educational hub of late. They introduced a new AMAZING class experience that’s one day and choked full of Instagram superstars. Butterfly Circus was full of color, styling, social networking and business tips brought to you by industry heavyweights and pros who are on absolute FIRE right now!


Why did I invest in this ultimate class?! One: they are in my Hood (neighborhood for you old folks!) Two: David and Alexis who own the loft are some of the most genuine, down right awesome people who are turning this salon and location into not only a valley landmark and hotspot but another education center as well! Three: The rumor is true there’s a lot of BABES at the loft!


I was invited by David and Alexis to come film this magical day on behalf of the HAIR NERDS as a contributor! I also had the honors of going across LA to the Arrojo Expose in DTLA that night!

The Artists that agreed to put on this epic show were @PassionSquared @jaywesleyolson @lalasupdos @confessionsofahairstylist @larisadoll @Davidbutterflyloft and @alexisbutterflyloft was being a mega babe hosting with David!

The crowd was comprised of some super rad hairdressers from all around the country. I recognized the extremely friendly and talented individuals @nothingbutpixies @hairbybrittneyhunt and good to finally put a face to the brand @creativesoulhair…  (Hair Nerd Note by Erin: Does anyone else think it is funny we no longer know people’s names…merely identifying our friends by their instagram handles?)


In an era where social media has made things super accessible for individuals to come together and brainstorm, this was a killer project! First up was @PassionSquared, Nina gave a wonderful class abouther awesome beginnings and what individuals need to think about when they are using social media as a marketing tool!

(Hair Nerd Note by Erin: Nina is in the business of empowering small creative business owners + Students and New Professionals – You can join her group mentoring program: A School and let her hold your hand through all the scary shit in the industry.)


Second up was @LarisaDoll who talked about a technique she commonly uses called Balayage Sandwhich! It creates the beautiful tasteful looks she is so well known for… her inspiration for this demo in particular comes from @johnnyramirez1 looks of the infamous @ramireztran salon (shout out to my friend @styledbylizsustaita at this salon!)


Extremely exotic and funny @lalasupdos gave a super inspirational come up story of her career and how she got started along with demonstrating an updo that gives you millions of options to branch off from. She is DEFINITELY a hard worker who puts hours of practice in everyday! Talented, Funny, and Good Looking she has the triple threat going on!  (Nerd Note: Do we sense a little Nerd Crush?)

In Between these artists @davidbutterflyloft gave his business and networking class/mentoring.


Next up was @JayWesleyOlsen who is an educator and owner of Bespoke Salons! Jay puts out banging balayage! It’s always exciting to see another male in the industry  breaking away from the norm! He continued more on the topic of the techniques to create the looks at hand!


I snuck into prep to talk to @Confessionsofahairstylist because I knew I wasn’t able to stay for the whole evening. She is an educator who happens to have her own blog! she is an extremely humble and gorgeous gal who puts together amazing styling packages like no other! My favorites are the more boho inspired braids and waves done by her. (figures since I’m from California!)

Steve was so pumped about Butterfly Circus, that Hair Nerds, Erin and Annie, will be heading down to SoCal for Butterfly Circus 2. Tickets sell out in minutes for these events but you can bet your ass we will bring you all the fun from the Butterfly Loft Big Top!