We had our school… We had our artist…  We had a date… We were Nerds with a plan…  Help earn tons o’ cash for The Thirst Project and in the process play Hair Nerd with an awesome group of #CosmoBabies.  10729247_276144799262984_594385296_n_thumb[2]

What started as just sending Cole to Taylor Andrews turned into a Cole Thompson, Wayne Woodruff, Eden Sassoon, Seth Maxwell and The Nerds {Slumber Party}….

It was 10pm when the flights arrived in Utah and this group was famished.  By 11pm we were at a local diner across the street from our hotel consuming roughly 5,000 calories….  #HairNerdsAfterDark   Not our finest moment ….

We could barely sleep we were so excited and with roommates like Seth and Eden we wanted to stay up all night talking about our recent adventures and travels…  However at some point everyone fell asleep except for this nerd, who was furiously typing away on her laptop. #StalkingDoesntTakeAHoliday

Taylor Andrews- The Experience

Honestly if we were sending the hair babies to Cosmetology school,  we would ship them off to Utah to become a part of the TA Family.  The culture at this school is incredible… Probably because the leadership is out of this world.  Our fav. Biz mentor, Nina Kovner, always says culture comes from the top.

We arrived at the blissful West Jordan campus and Larry Curtis took us on a tour of the recent renovations



Cole met his demo model for the FREE class he was gifting the students that morning and Wayne hooked Eden up with a sleek style …. The #SassoonWay.  Sometimes when we look back at the pictures on our phones we just shake our heads in disbelief that we get to hang out which such amazing people.


Seth and I hit up Starbucks while Cole prepped for his presentation and basically bought one of everything on the menu..  We are pretty #Basic….


We had our SB fix and caffeine was coursing through our veins so we were able to make it through the day.  I snagged my tea and braced myself for the tears I could already feel creeping in.    Eden started things off with  a heartfelt remembrance of her father and what water and the power of giving back meant to her family.   She explained that this is the first time the Sassoon Academy had ever donated a class to a charity.  It was an incredibly emotional start to what would soon become tears streaming down our face.




As Seth introduced the Thirst Project to the Taylor Andrews students,  you could see the bottom lips begin quivering.  Imagining your own child walking  3 or 4 miles each way to gather dirty and unsafe drinking water riddled with disease is tough for any parent to swallow.  That is the problem with hanging out with Seth… you never know when you are going to spontaneously burst into tears.

You could see the wheels begin turning in the student’s minds and the gravity of the situation taking full effect.

Inspired Larry proposed that he would match any student donation that day up to $500… Eden immediately said she would do the same and there it; was an opportunity to turn $500 into $1500.    Cole jumped onstage and explained that he was about to take his model with hair to her mid-back to a chin skimming bob.   Her classmates went wild and he began the very detailed Sassoon explanation of the theory behind his methodology.




Cole taught a modified class based on the Sassoon Academy’s ABC Course for 15 very lucky participants and had everyone thinking about when they were going to make the trip to Santa Monica!




As things wrapped up and our time at Taylor Andrews came to an end, Eden talked with each student who wanted to take a picture with her.  By the time we were ready to leave she had invited a group of 10 girls to come to LA and have a slumber party at her house.  Say what?! Yeah… can you even imagine.  #DontBeJealous   Naturally we offered to bake a chocolate cake and scored an invite!! Being from the South has its perks…  #ThisNerdBakes



One last selfie before we head out the door and a final tally of how much was earned to donate to The Thirst Project.


eden selfie


$3300 dollars donated

A HUGE thank you to Larry Curtis for not only welcoming us into his school but also providing artist travel, class supplies, an incredible meal and his continued support and friendship.   He rearranged the school’s schedules and allowed us to host a fundraiser that puts us almost 30% of the way to building a new life-saving well in Swaziland.