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Professor Hair-itage

We have stalked The Teals for years… Hunted them down at hair shows for top notch education, got inspired by their on-stage presentations and of course followed their every move online. But once we really got to know Ryan Teal, we found he wasn’t just a talented stage presence with an award-winning salon.  He is also a very passionate industry educator who openly shares his vision and inspiration with others. Ryan believes it is so important for hairdressers to remember where they came from and feels it is vital to the young stylists to know where we have been. When we attended his amazing class “The History of Hairdressing” and found his passion for Hair Heritage was something we just couldn’t keep to ourselves, we knew every Hair Nerd needed to know. So we hope you enjoy a small taste of his highly recommended Hair History class full of highly polished long hairdressing, daring and Avant Garde catwalk creations to getting to know more about your Family Hair-itage!

Thank you “Professor Hair-itage” ~ The Hair Nerds