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Tuesday Teal

Tuesday Teal is the Official  Hair Nerd photographer… a job of long hours, no sleep and 3 Hair Nerds demanding to be magically thinner with the click of a camera button.   Our sweet Tuesday never complains and understands the Hair Nerd lifestyle.. she grew up in it.

She is the hair child of Ryan and Deannalyn Teal, Hair Couple Extraordinaire.  Growing up in the industry she spent most of her time at her parent’s salon in Portland, Oregon and knew at an early age that cosmetology school was in her future.  In 2011 she attended Taylor Andrews, and elite beauty school in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She is passionate about the hair industry but more importantly photography… the perfect storm of talents!

NAHA, Canadian Mirror Awards and even New York Fashion Week are listed on our favorite 18 year old’s resume.  She has barely begun her career and already accomplished incredible things.


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