We are typically pretty skeptical of company launched apps because it always feels like just another way to hard-sell you things. So when Cosmoprof released their app on January 1, 2017 we were pleasantly surprised to find it chock-full of awesome features!

Designed for the modern stylist, the CosmoProf App makes it possible to run your business in the palm of your hand. The app offers a mix of services such as credit card processing, managing your schedule & calendar, storing client history & information and the ability to sell retail to earn commission.




You are able to add your clients in and store the usual info like Name, Email, Phone Number… but the Cosmoprof App also allows for adding a picture, formula and notes from the appointment. It will also store your previous appointments info and the Loxa Scripts you have used with this client in the past.



Just upload your services and times into the app and the scheduler allows you to manage your entire book from your phone. It syncs up with your iCal or Google calendar


Payment Processing

The Cosmoprof App has Square built right into it, which is great because so many of us already trust Square as our credit card processor. The icing on the cake is that Square is allowing you to run $1,000 without merchant fees when you get started.


Loxa Scripts

If you are currently utilizing Loxa as part of your retail system, this is a particularly cool feature. You are able to text/e-mail your Loxa Scripts to your client where they can check out right then and have products shipped directly to their home.



Education… We LIVE for it.  Tutorials, biz advice, we love it all and can’t wait to see more.



What they mean by messages is actually super sweet deals. I popped into Cosmoprof yesterday to pick up a can of Satin Smooth Mojito wax. It was on-sale 20% off taking it from $14.99 originally to $11.99. As I was pulling out my credit card, I remembered the app!! Well, well, well… there was a $5 off coupon. My $14.99 wax became $6.99 wax…


So even if you already have a booking system you love…

Even if you use a different processing system…

Even if you carry retail in your store…

There is something in the app for you.


For more information on the app: http://www.cosmoprofbeauty.com/cosmoprof_app

Download the FREE app today in the App Store!

iOS: http://apple.co/2iBQzHU

Android: http://bit.ly/2iC6R3z