The CosmoProf Spring Style Show happens every year smack dab in the middle of the beautiful Downtown San Jose. Over 10,000 stylists from up and down the peninsula flock to get some education from Hair Heroes and get their hands on all the latest top notch products from their favorite brands.

Morning Hustle

Bright and early Sunday morning we started our exciting quest to San Jose and our first official Hair-Venture with interns Heather & Sarah. After fueling up with coffee and breakfast our drive to San Jose began, filled with deep conversations of the hair world and quality bonding time with our new nerds.
We arrived to the beautiful Sainte Claire Hotel with the plan of quickly tossing our belongings into bag check to make the morning kickoff, but with decor like this we kinda got a little side tracked….
It is one of those places that make you feel all fancy with all that sexy ambiance. Dinner was going to be an experience and a perfect ending to our first day. Once we checked our bags and gathered our troops, we made our way to the Spring Style Show.

The Show – Day One

Walking into a convention center while a hair show is happening always gives you instant visual stimulation.  And sometimes you may even be a little shocked & entertained by some of the shenanigans…
Like the Cricket booth, with hairdressers battle dancing to score a bag of swag…
Or The Schedulicity booth with their Super Stylist super hot Super-Hairo on site to entice onlookers into wanting more.  Although our initial stop was to find out where we could score an outfit like hers, we soon realized we needed to cover this class.  As we chatted about the imported super hero swag and the goals of Schedulicity,we were informed the next class was about to begin…
We began our super power walk across the convention, jumping over rolly carts and using every ounce of  self control keep from touching and smelling every product in sight.
Arriving to find our pal Nina Kovner of Passion Squared, we knew we had made the right choice to sit in on the Schedulicity‘s class.
Turns out it’s a pretty amazing scheduling program that helps stylist’s with today’s technology and social media needs along with giving us an actual person to talk to if we need.  We are pretty excited about this one!

 Then headed to the Marriott for lunch with Nina, our new friend Julia of Paul Mitchell, Editorial Nerd Steve Elias and hair husband David Stupplebeen.  We had the most amazing chats and endulged on the most amazing turkey burgers we have ever had! After we fueled up we headed back to get some more hair show fill..
First stop…. Joico! it’s not everyday that you have two hair bad asses onstage at the same time. We ended up watching Damien Carney and Sue Pemberton for a few of their shows that day!
I mean, sparkles of Gold and vivid hair colors with tips and techniques… we were totally zoned
We didn’t go too far before running into the Beth Minardi Signature Color booth, where we witnessed sales associates continually having to re-stock the shelf. And her new amazing signature collection features a Brunette, a Blonde & a Ginger so how could we not fall in love!
BTW… One of our Top 10 Favorite Things Giveaway!
One last stop on the showroom floor was the Paul Mitchell booth to see what was new.
We loved how they set up the stage and the layout of the products to make you feel like you were at a show while browsing the goods.
 “Um…. what? This Express Ion Curl Turn Style curling iron moves by itself? Come here Heather!” Carrie was way to excited about this new iron  in her life and Heather needed curls!
 But thankfully, the very nice Paul Mitchell Pro helped out and also demoed the Express Ion Smooth Iron…
 After our fun with thermal tools, we were whisked away to the Kenra booth… For some odd reason Heather had this unexplained amount of build up and needed some love.  So these Platinum Dry Shampooed powered boys helped us out.

Social Beauty Live


After spending the day on the floor we needed to go and drop off all of our swag in the room and hustle back to make the Social Beauty Live seminar with Nina Kovner
What is Social Beauty live? …
 We have been stalking Nina on Passion Squared for quite some time and just love her webinars! But watching her live was really awesome…. 
 The VIP access to Social Beauty Live was such a great experience…where pro beauty meets the social web. Having this opportunity to hear questions and group discussions from industry leaders really gave us so much insight.
 A mentor of Nina’s says:
“The only thing that we have to loose is relevance.” You must then ask yourself, ” Are you discoverable”. – Brian Solis
If you cannot be discovered then you are no longer relevant. As a stylist it is important to engage your client by sharing experiences.

And yes… this seminar was a social media friendly hot spot for us!

The Closer

To wind down we decided to head back to the Sainte Claire and enjoy the in house Italian restaurant Il Fornio with Nina Kovner, Steve Elias, Hair Husband David, and our new friend Tracy from Cosmoprof . We immediately fell in love with there authentic dishes that were served oh so beautifully, that made you question if it was too beautiful to eat. The food tasted amazing! 

After enjoying a fun filled Hairday, we headed up to our room to start some writing and get some rest.

 The Show – Day Two

Monday morning came quick, we headed downstairs to caffeinate with cappuccino’s and fresh melon while enjoying the vivid ginger view.
Before hitting the road back home we had to hit two more important classes!
First thing first was seeing Geno Stampora!  Geno was hosting a class that encouraged stylists to focus on four major things.
– Renewing your commitment to your industry.
– Act the same way you did during the 1st month of your career. PASSIONATE!
– Make everyone like you!
– Become a Master!

 And what is better than spending the last few hours at the show enjoying updos and education with the Aquage team… Nothing

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