Salon culture isn’t something that “just happens”, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication not only from the Owners, but something that is created as a team. Kellie Johnson, Owner of Elan Hair Studio has created something very unique in her New Jersey based salon, and we wanted to share it with the rest of the world. We were able to spend a few days with her and her staff and wanted to find out what it was, from their point of veiw, that made it such a wonderful place to call home.



How would you describe the salons culture?

Jenny – Encouraging, creative, supportive

Liza – Positive, friendly, happy

Colleen – Friendships comfortable and supportive

Kara – Team oriented

Nadine – Dependable motivating togetherness

Gabriella – Family positive encouragement

Nicole – Professional

Taylor – positive friendly supportive

Jen – Career minded sisterhood

What is it about working at Elan Hair Studio brings you the most joy?

Jenny – We help each other be our best

Liza – our education clients and team

Colleen – The girls

Kara – Friendships

Nadine – Working with amazing ladies

Gabriella – Helping people

Nicole – Friendly atmosphere

Taylor – Opportunities

Jen – Friendships and mentoring

Favorite team building exercise:

Jenny – Morning huddles

Liza – Team meetings

Colleen – Outside events “work hard play hard”

Kara – Outside education events

Nadine – Dance parties

Gabriella – Videos at meetings

Nicole – Djais

Taylor – Monthly meetings

Jen – Elan amazing race

One word to describe Kellie Johnson:


Salon mom










Recently, Kellie was out of the salon for a few weeks and her staff put together a video about the “Life of Kellie Johnson” to show her how much she was loved and cared for by her salon family. We think this is a true testament to how much love and support can happen within a developed salon culture. We absolutely love how each girl was able to capture “Kellies essence” with the blonde wig and stand-in’s for her granddaughter and fur-babies.



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