As soon as announced that Brig Van Osten would be their next guest, we began planning a virtual cheeseburger date.   If you know Brig at all, you are aware of her obsession with cheeseburgers. 

In fact, she loves them so much she writes a blog called Skinny Brig that is devoted to the weightloss of the 40 pounds she has gained from this burger love affair.  Once a week, she splurges and goes on a “cheeseburger date”, where she is in search of the greatest cheeseburger this great nation has to offer.

In honor of our cheeseburger lovin’  friend, we asked the Hair Husbands to fire up the grill and create the ultimate BYOB- Build Your Own Burger event for us while we watched CrossCheck.Tv . 


 The Hair Husbands insisted we  load up our burgers and chow down before the broadcast.  Apparently, burgers dripping sauce and such is bad for your laptop… Who knew? 

The show was incredible!  Brig talked about how she got started in the industry, her mum, crazy photo shoot fun and even pulled out old photos from competitions.  Did you know Brig is naturally a red head?!

Damien and Brig really geeked out, while poor Josh was baking in his house with no air conditioning.  (California hit 111 degrees this weekend… it was rough)  

If you missed it, the full interview is below.  Brig announced she is looking for a new assistant!  What an amazing opportunity for one new Hair Nerd.. 

Searching for my next uber assistant! You must have a CA Cosmetology license, be a morning, noon & night person, drug-free, positive, punctual, extroverted, willing to listen and learn, talented, self-motivated, polite, passionate- far beyond the normal level, desire to volunteer on photo shoots/fashion shows after hours or on days off, tough, honest, string sense of self including a signature fashion style, confident, someone who will inspire the team including me, active with social media -twitter, facebook,, etc. and willing to show me a thing or 10! Come into @p!ayhairlounge with your resume to apply ASAP or you might just miss a HUGE opportunity! 🙂 Brig