We met Dallan at ISSE five years ago when he was with Taylor Andrews Academy of Hair in Salt Lake City, UT. Fast forward several years and dozens of achievements later, we got to hang with Dallan and the Boeau-Belle Salon team while they mentored a student through her very first collection and shot their own NAHA entries. We loved that the owners of Boeau-Belle trusted Dallan’s vision enough they sponsored a student entry from the Aveda Institute of Dallas. The entire experience was very #HairNerd.


Tell Us about the BAHA concept?

Originally TAHA, when I was an educator at Taylor Andrews Hair Academy, it then stood for Taylor Andrews Hairstylist Awards. It was the owner of TA Larry Curtis who came up with this concept, he came to and Jami Quenum the Academy Director and I, we ran with the idea, to get students excited about creating their wildest dreams, push them to explore the unconventional, and for the underdogs to gain some confidence.  It was so successful, the students and the team leaders couldn’t wait ’til the next one.  It was beautiful to see how much confidence was gained by those who competed, by those who assisted, by those who were finalists, and by those who had won. Teddy Button the Creative Director for Boeau Belle and I as the Educational Director of Boeau Belle have taken this concept and have shared our experience and successes to inspire BAHA, which now stands for Boeau-belle Artists and Hairstylists Awards.


Why sponsor a student?

A student who has accepted the challenge, worked their butt off, made it to final rounds/top 10, and then was judged by their peers, becoming a winner, is more than deserving of a sponsorship.  It’s a priceless experience.  One that most people don’t get to experience due to cost. This sponsorship includes a professional, highly experienced and reputable photographer, and professional make up artist. It allows them to further express their artistic point of view, but on a much larger scale.  And it gives us the confidence that they have what it takes to deliver and place in the NAHA competition.


What makes you so passionate about new stylists?

We are all driven to create and be different.  We are constantly inspired by what we see, what we are taught, what someone else creates. And we want to do it in a way that has our personal touch or flair, but better.  The end result is to always have that WOW effect. New stylists means new ideas, fresh ideas.  They’re always wanting to push the envelope, and that’s what keep this industry so competitive and exciting.


Have you been teaching quite sometime now?

Yes, I’ve been an educator for 6 years now.


How has that changed you as a hair dresser?

It has taught me patience above all!  haha.  We don’t all learn the same way, and has been a challenge that I have greatly accepted.  I have changed lives, and they have changed mine.  I have gained so many great experiences, friends and a lot of family from all this.


What advice would you give to someone thinking of entering NAHA for the first time?

Do it!! Don’t be afraid, take constructive criticism BUT ALWAYS go with your GUT and your HEART.  It’s your vision. Vision by definition is ‘ones ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.’   The keywords being imagination, ‘ the ability of the mind to be creative and resourceful’, and wisdom, ‘having the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight.

Be resourceful, network, and find sponsors.  Don’t stop at no, cause eventually you will get a yes.



We are constantly seeing your work featured. What about editorial work keeps you coming back for more?

Like mama always said, “The proof is in the pudding!”. With a lot of hard work, it pays off.  Part of that is surrounding yourself with people who want you to succeed.  People who offer up that raw honesty, but still trusting your gut and your heart to have the final say.  Doing hair in all the many genres hair has to offer, is my therapy.  Its rewarding in so many ways.  Seeing how therapeutic it is for clients, you can see it in their face, eyes, body language. It gives them courage, strength, confidence.  It’s truly rewarding.  And being able to take it to that next level of high fashion, haute couture, strange and elegant.  Having it all professionally done, my vision come to life, and others loving it, getting inspired and having it published, there are no words.  Maybe a squeal, like a high pitched, 5 second long squeal. haha!! 🙂  It’s something I can point at and be proud of but saying, “Look, that’s mine.  That’s my work.” And I can share that with others to inspire them to do the same.


I knew I was a hair nerd when….?

I did my first competition in Chicago at the age of 17.  Competed in three categories which were, ladies, men’s cut and style, and fantasy up-do.  I placed in all three out of 300 plus students.  That experience was such an adrenaline rush, that I craved more.  I wanted to learn more techniques, buy all the styling tools, and hair product in the world.  I wanted to compete in as much opportunities as possible.  I was given the chance at 17, and that lit a fire within me that still burns to this day.


Best advice you were ever given?

There’s a few…Be yourself, and fuck stereotypes.  I was bullied because I am a male hairstylist.  This profession goes beyond what anyone thinks a males sexual orientation is supposed to be.  Call me the unicorn of hairstylists. I’m a rare breed I guess.

When in doubt or feeling overwhelmed, take it back to basics.  Best advice I’ve gotten in a long time.  Sometimes you gotta slow down, and take it back to the days you were in beauty school. Don’t over think it. There’s nothing a glass of wine and a flat iron cant fix.

Eat anything you want, and if people make fun of your weight, eat them too.

And whatever you do, always give 100%…. unless you’re donating blood.


Why compete?

Cause you’ll never grow as much or know what you are capable of until you do.  Its a great and life changing experience, and can be truly rewarding.

Bye Felicia!!

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