Dottie Lanham

Director, Education Administration – West

SalonCentric – Professional Beauty Partners

Valencia, CA


How long have you been in professional beauty?

Seems like yesterday actually a lot of yesterdays…Since 1973

What was your first job in professional beauty?

My very first job…I was a hairstylist at Venti’s House of Beauty Salon, a salon that specialized in Finger Waves, Italian Tops and Roux Rinses.

What’s so great about professional beauty and why?

Great question, there are so many unlimited opportunities in our industry no matter what role one plays. The saying goes, “beauty is only skin deep” but we in the industry know we are all steeped in it from head to toe, inside and out. There is always new innovation and change…always for the better. All of those reasons make this a great industry to be in!


What one trait do all successfully awesome stylists share?

Passionability! Since you asked for one trait, I just made up one word to combine 2 essential traits that successful stylists share! All successful stylists have it!

What does your typical workday look like?

My typical days are as varied as patterns in a kaleidoscope. As the primary point of contact for brand education planning within the Western U.S., I work with my own team, manufacturers, educators, customers, stores and sales consultants to lead the planning and execution of professional beauty education programs conducted regionally in salons or in SalonCentric stores. Daily I also work with a great team of people who manage and facilitate an enormous amount of SalonCentric education programs.

I’m somebody who wants to do your job. What’s the most important thing to know?

Be prepared to work really hard, have lots of amazing experiences and work with some amazing people. Must haves are, integrity, flexibility, creativity and dedication. It’s also very important to know our customer, what they need and how best to deliver the goods. Aim to teach and elevate the skill set of our customers by providing the most creative, on-point education, delivered by the best brands & artists in the industry.


How do you keep yourself motivated?

First and foremost, I love what I do and I strive to maintain a healthy work/life balance. Keep things in perspective. I ride the wave of each success with my team, myself and others around me to further the next successes and channel the positive energy to achieve results in the next task or project. I also do my best to reward myself in some way as I achieve objectives and/or reach specific important milestones.

Why do you think ongoing education is so important for hair stylists and salon owners?

I truly believe that ongoing education is important for hair stylists and salon owners because it continues to build and strengthen the foundation of the industry. Education is designed to excite and elevate the skill set and is vital to helping and keeping hair stylists and salon owners to be more successful.

I have one day to spend in Los Angeles. What do I do?

Do it all…24 hours…let’s go! It all begins at the beach. Get relaxed, then take on the town. Head to Union Station, LA’s historic (and quite handsome) rail hub. Explore downtown’s impressive collection of architecture. Enjoy the diverse eats at every stop. Next, ride the Red Line subway to Griffith Park (yes, there was a subway), where Mount Hollywood offers some of the most incredible views in the city. Hike up to the Griffith Observatory… Wherever you end up, stop to admire the sunset.

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What is one thing your work friends don’t know about you?

I received the National Thespian Award while aspiring to be a stand up comedienne.

Curled up with a good book or having a glass of wine in the garden?

Why so limiting? Multi-tasking is my middle name so I can certainly enjoy a good book in the garden while sipping the vino simultaneously.


Personal Motto?

“Stay in the Now.” “This too shall pass.”

What’s the best thing about being a mom?

Being on the receiving end of so much Love.

Why should stylists look to SalonCentric for ongoing education?

At SalonCentric, we strive to connect stylists and salons to the brands they love, with inspiring education and real business solutions. Our education and shows are formatted to expand our clients’ creativity and provide them with a platform of unparalleled creative opportunities.