You are on a hairventure and your blowout is looking a bit limp… You should wake up extra early in the morning and wash, deep condition and blow those locks out. Instead you join your fellow Hair Nerds in the hotel lounge for late night cocktails and mild stalking of your favorite hairlebrities.

6 am rolls around and instead of jumping out of bed to start your extensive hair routine you hit snooze and decide you can live without winged eyeliner. When you finally drag yourself out from under those cozy blankets, a shower cap is the only way to make your class. We have ALL been there.

Great Intentions + Too Much Fun = Dry Shampoo

It is no secret that we love a good dry shampoo and have more than a few in our arsenal.  Bosley Leave-In Volumizing Dry Shampoo is our go-to for hairventures because it guarantees our locks won’t look lifeless.

While Bosley Professional is often though to only work for fine to thin hair, the dry shampoo works awesome for both of these Nerds and we each have decidedly thick hair.

So the next time you are packing for a summer trip to Vegas (We’re looking at you NAHA), a trade show in Orlando or pretty much any travel excursion where results are required, grab this little red bottle of goodness.  You will be glad you did… it is hairventure tested and Hair Nerd approved!