Our oldest #HairBaby has always had major hair envy.  Jaz has very thin, fine hair and decided to pull a Miley Cyrus and chop it all off.   She struggled to style her new do because the products she tried were heavy and weighed down her already limp locks.

Enter ECRU New York Silk Texturizing Balm…

The Ecru balm magically showed up on our doorstep one afternoon and like any responsible teenager she opened the package not addressed to her.  (Love you, Jazzy)  We thought we might let her tell you a bit about her experience..


Jazmyne’s Side of the Story

I was fed up. My scraggly, beat down hair looked much like Rocky Balboa did at the end of his fight with Apollo Creed.

When Amanda suggested that I chop it off, I felt like I was doing myself, and the entire eye-having world, a huge favor. I imagined feeling the wind against the back of my neck and I reveled in the thought of having an adult haircut, a signature, something that challenged the boundaries of what it mean to be feminine and beautiful.

However, even though my hair was short, it didn’t mean it was stylish. The cut itself had so much personality, but that didn’t mean it would do itself. No paste or balm or glue or hair fudge that Erin Short stowed away in her bag of tricks gave it the light, elf-like feel I was going for.

But then fate, ever-so in tune with my needs, unfolded itself with the deliverance of a UPS box that contained a whole line of products I had never heard of before. Living in a Hair Home, the UPS guy is pretty much my best friend. I get a Christmas card from his family and everything.

I had nothing to lose. I tore through Erin’s box with reckless abandon (I know it’s illegal, but so was the state of my hair), and scanned hungrily for anything, ANYTHING, that would get me my fix. I figured even mud would be better than my flat and lackluster hair, and if nothing worked, well, I could always cry and wait for the next box.

A miracle. If I could invite one hair product to my wedding, it would be this one.

It was like “natural beauty” in a little glass jar. The lightweight balm blended into my hair, and made it look like nothing was there. Ever since I had had my hair cut, I had appreciated the art of subtraction, the thought of being bare and not hiding behind my hair and this product so effortlessly gave itself to my “less is more” mentality. I could pat down the short sides of my hair without it looking greasy and gross, and I could fluff up little tufts of my longer pieces, and watch it hold like it had never wanted to be anywhere else.

With the shake of my fingers and a little combing, I looked like I knew something about hair, and maybe even cared about it a little. ECRU silk texturizing balm was the difference between me looking like a  piece of dryer lint and looking like an understudy for Audrey Hepburn circa Roman Holiday/edgy, Doc Marten-adorning feminist, whatever I feel like that day.