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R+Co wants to reinvent the way hairdressing is taught by going back to the beginning. Starting with the classics, we deconstruct from there—break it down, mess it up—and address not just the “how” and the “what” but the “why” because we want you to think, not just watch.

Every hairdresser has had a client in their chair that has an opportunity to transform, whether they are looking for a change, but don’t know what that is, could use an update but aren’t asking for one or wants a certain look that you don’t necessarily see for them. What are the elements that go into allowing a positive change to occur? Never the same class twice, this advanced workshop series explores the makeover process from vision and concept, to consultation and communication as well as execution and education around how the individual in your chair can wear and change their hair to suit their lifestyle and desired look.


Cutting demonstration finished with three versatile styles + hands-on session on live models.

KEY TAKEAWAYS- Clients will explore and push the consultation, focus on client loyalty and the importance of photographing your work to help you grow and build your businesses.  

  • Incorporating and translating references
  • Creating looks on live models that best suit their needs
  • Effective consultation skills
  • Choosing the best tool and technique to create the desired end result
  • Appropriate product selection, application and styling techniques


  • Minimum 3 years cutting experience
  • Proficient in R+Co product knowledge


*To utilize Education Credits/Points to complete this purchase, please refer to your Salon’s Owner/Manager and the Salon’s LBP Pro account. 


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