Obsessed about competitions is partially how we ended up creating The Hair Nerds.  There is nothing more satisfying than hitting the submit button on an entry after months of work….  We asked our one true love, John C. Simpson, why he thinks you should enter the Color Zoom Challenge.

To compete pushes you and your creativity to the extreme. By entering the Color Zoom challenge, you expose your work to the world. To win and create hair fashion that the world sees and utilizes is surreal. –John Simpson


You could be the next international trend setter!

Give your unique creativity, inspiration and passion a kick start! After all, it is your dedication to color perfection, and your drive to create new looks that makes you a potential international trend setter. Grab this opportunity and take part in one of the largest and most high profile competitions to work with GOLDWELL on designing their next Color Zoom Collection. Go on, get into the starting blocks!





This category is open to all GOLDWELL stylists who have more than five years professional experience.


This category is open to all GOLDWELL junior stylists who have less than five years professional experience.


This category is open to all stylists who already have worked for GOLDWELL as a freelancer, trainer or guest artist.

Optimum creativity demands optimum freedom – you have the entire GOLDWELL product range at your disposal to create the perfect look.

In each category 3 national winners will be announced (Bronze, Silver and Gold). Entries are judged based on the beauty shots submitted. National Gold Award Winners will automatically win entry to compete in the international Live Competition in Berlin in October 2014.




  • The color creations must be done with GOLDWELL products only, e.g. Topchic, Colorance, Elumen and/or Nectaya.
    In all categories hair can be lightened and bleached with GOLDWELL products, e.g. Topchic HiBlondes Control, SilkLift and Oxycur Platin.
  • At the international live competition, you will have to color, cut and style a model to re-create your photographic entry.
  • You will be judged on your photographic entry and your live performance.
  • No extensions, hair pieces or wigs are allowed.
  • Hairstyle and color must be in focus and easy to identify on the picture.
  • No full body pictures, show maximum up to chest.
  • No black and white photos. No Polaroids.
  • Re-touching is permitted so long as this serves to correct the skin tone or minor blemishes only. Full makeovers (such as adding hair, changing and improving the color or structure) are not allowed.
  • More than one employee per salon can participate but only one technique/one photo entry per employee is permitted.
  • Male or female models, minimum age 18.


  • Maximum one beauty photo which aligns to international press standards (A4) and a picture CD with 300 dpi resolution. No Polaroids.
  • Send your completed and signed participation form with the following information back to us:
    • Category you are participating in.
    • Base shade level of your model.
    • A detailed description of your color technique, the placement of the color and the GOLDWELL products you used.



  • Interpretation of the trend
    Your hairstyle should reflect the trend world Reallusion, but at the same time not be a copy of the Color Zoom Collection ’14. Your work will be judged based on originality and trend relevance.
  • Color Technique and Product
    Ensure you use the GOLDWELL colors in the correct but also in an innovative way.
  • Professionalism and Aesthetics of the pictures
    What counts is the appearance and attractiveness of the overall look. The harmony of the cut and color and the impression of the complete look are important.



  • Reallusion stands for inspiration in its purest form – let your creativity run free.
  • Re-discover color – develop your very own Reallusion interpretation and color technique.
  • Your creation, your perfect model: you are responsible for choosing your ideal model and selecting complementary styling.
  • Picture perfect: create your Reallusion look and arrange your photo shoot.
  • Deadline to enter your completed documents:
    31. MAY 2014
  • Announcement of the national winners:
    JULY 2014
  • 7 OCTOBER 2014
    Color Zoom Global Event in Berlin with international live
    hands-on competition.


Briefing Kit

Goldwell has been kind enough to pick together a handy dandy instruction manual including tips from the judges!


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