I have been nursing an unhealthy obsession with John C. Simpson for more years than I care to admit! Naturally I stalk all of his movements across the globe with my “Johndar” (don’t question the validity of my methods..) .

I had been registered to attend this live webcast for sometime and was contemplating leaving #NYFW backstage at the Lincoln Center, when it occured to me, he was scheduled to be filming in NYC.  When I text John to find out about the shoot he innocently mentioned they were at the Bryant Park Hotel…  I was in a cab halfway there before he hung up.


John Simpson, Goldwell Haircare Lead Artistic Director, and Rebecca Hiele, Goldwell Haircare Brand Artistic Director,  teamed up to discuss all of the color trends they were seeing on the runway, and after scoring inside info on the location we we knocking on a hotel suite door before they knew what hit them! As luck would have it, we got to spy on the super cool behind the scenes process—from prepping the models to the live filming, and every touch-up in between.

When #HairBaby Jaz and I walked into the  hotel room full of buzzing artists and tech equipment, the first thing we saw was a makeshift vision board, with clippings from various magazines and runways that supported and inspired the trends they’d be talking about, and the connections they were going to make with hair and coloring trends.


The Goldwell team was hard at work, so we took out our phones and ipads and began documenting every moment as they styled the girls, added and took away belts and jackets, and ran through their looks. We perched ourselves on a couch that was just a hair’s width away from being in the shot, and willed ourselves to be quiet little church mice on set.




The immensely talented Eric J. Allen created the makeup looks beforehand, and ran in during the very brief video breaks to powder noses and touch up lips.



Rebecca Hiele and John Simpson discussed the abundance of bold, water color florals emerging for spring and the resurgence of black and white contrast in clothing, translating these into color trends. If two people were ever made for live broadcasting, it’s them. It was so smooth and natural, we had to remind ourselves not to join the conversation!




It was hard not to want to stuff this one particular jacket into our purses and sneak out–it was really that adorable. But, as Hair Nerds, we had to remind ourselves that our priority crime is stalking, not stealing. There are only so many hours in a day.


When it finally wrapped up, everyone took a breath, and congratulated each other on the successful show. We took pictures and gushed over the looks.. #NerdAlert.


As Hair Nerds, it was such a beautiful experience to watch passionate people with talents in various beauty disciplines come together and forecast what women were going to be looking towards in the upcoming season. We totally appreciate all the work that goes into these shows, with costume planning, filming, and the ability to keep the conversation going.  We love that Goldwell loves its stylists enough to offer this type of incredible education and inspiration for FREE.

Listen to John talk the upcoming NYC Goldwell Academy, Education and Trends…




You can stalk John Simpson in the flesh at the Goldwell Academy in Santa Monica and New York (coming soon!!!!).

Want to get in on all the educational action?  Visit www.goldwelllive.com and register for the next live webcast.  We are talking FREE education here, kids….