We met Cyndi a few years ago at NAHA and connected with her immense passion for the industry.  As you all know it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, sometimes shit goes down at the salon and you have to walk away.  Support our friend’s journey to taking a stand and saying, “Today is the Day”.


Good Hair Day Club is a line of feel good goods that promote feeling good in the inside more than the outside.

Every item has been designed and created with beauty in mind.

I am a hairdresser from Austin TX, I have been in love with hair since i was toddler and I get to live my dream at my beauty studio called Vinyl. I am a freelance graphic artist for fun and enjoy finding creative ways of getting myself out of major pickles.

I am a creative and sometimes the creative path can be very tricky and changing. Last year the cost of following my dreams and creative freedom became a huge burden. I had to leave from my previous employer due to a constant feeling of anxiety and low self esteem. It was a desperate move and I think anyone battling anxiety can relate.  I was fighting the darkest times as a person and the environment did not help me see light. In fact I constantly felt cornered so I couldn’t spend one more lunch break crying in a bathroom. I had to leave a few months before my 3 yr contract expired. Gaining freedom cost me, because contracts are contracts and sometimes emotional and mental battles are not considered an impairing reason to break them . It cost me $2,500 that is still a huge black cloud over my head.

I have struggled to keep my business a float and to rise above with the help of many people that have believed in me, in my talent and what I do. Vinyl is alive because of them and I cannot thank them enough.

I have finally moved on into a brighter life and gained my confidence back so I decided that instead of regretting and worrying about my debt, I would create feel good items to fundraise money for me to finish paying off my previous employer and donate to organizations that help girls regain their confidence and power to be free to become whatever they want to be.   My goal is to raise awareness not only to the many employees of this organization that have reached out to me about contracts chaos and dissatisfaction, but to all the young hairdressers selling their talent to a corporation. Research your employers and value your talent. You are worth a ton more than some pennies in the bank or a paper dream you can be sold on.


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