This rare event featured Dimitrios Tsioumas, seven-time NAHA winner and Goldwell Global Creative Director, and Sonna Brado, 2014 NAHA Winner & KMS Artistic Director. The evening included a creative expose by Adam Federico and Team AJF. with their collection of models, this talented group showcased everything from creative color and editorial styling to finishing and creative cutting concepts.

When we heard Dimitrios and Sonna were going to be in town we couldn’t get in the car fast enough to rush over to Federico Beauty Institute to see if we could get a sneak peek of their collections before they went on stage.

Goldwell 7

We ran inside to find Adam Federico making some last minute touch-ups to one of his models and fell in love with the sorbet color she was rocking.

Team AJF’s models had the  perfect balance of edginess and softness thanks to Goldwell color.


Goldwell 4

It was time for Sonna to present her collection and we couldn’t take our eyes away. She had some great tips about long hair dressing (including the YMCA), her recent 2014 Contemporary Classic NAHA win and the KMS Academy. Not only was her presentation to die for, but so were her shoes!

Goldwell 5

We LOVE both Goldwell twins, but we’ll always take one over none! Dimitrios hit the stage and the hair was as hot as ever, as to be expected by a seven-time NAHA winner.

Goldwell 1

The colors were vivid and the texture was rich and bold. He talked about contrasting textures not only in the hair, but in the accessories as well. He had the crowd in the palms of his hands and was making the models (and us) melt.

Goldwell 3

With the evening coming to an end and so much inspiration filling the room you could hardly get anyone to leave. A model shoot was going on in the front with the in-house photographer and we were off to get one last glimpse of Dimitrios.

PicMonkey Collage

We found him in one of the back rooms, cornered him for a last minute picture and in true Hair Nerd fashion, had to make sure we got plenty of shots (just in case)! He definitely made sure we got some good ones.