#FBF is such a great way to remember the good times, the silly and the lessons learned. I have been SO lucky to have so many exciting firsts in my hair journey and even luckier that I can scroll through my camera roll on my phone and re-experiece them all over again. Every time I look through the old pics and videos it makes me realize how much I love this industry I call home and how many incredible people I’ve met along the way.



My very first color foundations class after graduating beauty school in 2103. (My first experience in beauty school was in 2006 for my esthetics lic.) It’s funny how we thought we knew it all after gradating to be handed little balls of play dough to be shown how very wrong you were.



My first official Hair Nerd adventure was all the way down to San Diego to visit the students of Bellus Academy. It was that day I realized how much I wanted to be around students and artist and learn from them and grow with them and through them. I knew behind the chair was not what I wanted and I’m still very grateful for that trip for it has pushed me to be a better Hair Nerd…. and then my car broke down. #mustangfromhell



You haven’t been to a #HairParty until you’ve been to a Sebastian Professional Hair Party. The energy was exhilarating and inspiration even more so. This was a night that my stalking level (a cell phone photoshoot level) went way up.



Ever been stuck in a Hair Nerd sandwich? Ira Pope Sage and Mark Bunkall make a good one if you ever get the chance. Picking someones brain from hair stories and laughs can’t get much easier when your squished in the backseat of a car for a while together.



Probably one of my most favorite moments was when I was still an intern and Intern Heather and I were headed down to Long Beach for ISSE. This girl pushed me to be better and reach for more and I pushed her right back. Having a sidekick to keep you going (especially in the begging of your hair career) is a must.



Heather stealing Number 4 Hair Care right in front of Steve Elias?? Never!



Frosting 4 dozen cookies for Passion Squared and not being able to eat them all was pure torture!



Up close and personal with Robert Loretta was the best night ever! He even had a light saber!



Getting to take out of this world education with your bestie…. even better.



That moment you walk into a room and you and Nina Kovner from Passion Squared are twinning? More like WINNING!!