The Ergo brushes are a hot commodity in this Hair Nerd’s household.  I have to perform surprise backpack checks to make sure no one is smuggling Mama Hair Nerd’s brushes out of the house.

Our youngest #HairBaby swears that the paddle brush is the only tool in under the sun that doesn’t make her cry.


baby nerd


We were originally introduced to the Ergo brushes on hairbrained.  There was a thread about the best round brushes and several of our friends commented that they loved the Ergo brushes.  That is when Robert Reed offered to send a set for us to try and let’s just say it was a Christmas Miracle.  This package of brushes was a total game changer for us.


Hair Nerd status has given us the opportunity to play with products and tools on the daily! When we received the Ergo Brush set we knew we would love it the second we grasped the handle of our new bristled friends. The no slip grip is amazing and easy on the wrist while the tension you can achieve will result in sexy bad ass blowouts everytime… – Carrie




Carrie knows that sharing is caring so she let her baby Hair {School} Nerds try these incredible brushes.  When the group attended ISSE Long Beach,  they made a made dash for the Ergo booth and all came home with the entire set.  We asked them what they loved about the Ergo brushes and this is what they said…


10 Reasons why we LOVE Ergo Brushes!

Hair {School} Nerd Edition

1. No slip grip. For those of us who get sweaty palms while performing a fabulous blowout. {Nervous, much?!}

2. Hair doesn’t get caught in any nooks and crannies.

3. Larger barrel so we can take bigger sections. Who doesn’t want to be done faster? Time is money!

4. Magically smooths hair!!

5. Tension is great on all hair textures.

6. All the brushes give great results.

7. Paddle brush great for curly hair. Gets close to the scalp for a straight smooth look.

8. Small brushes great for needed volume, large brushes great for extra body.

9. Very versatile. Any hair style, anytime, anywhere.

10.Less strain on the wrist.


Speaking of ISSE,  we had the opportunity to stalk Robert Reed, President of Ergo Research Inc.


So by now you must realize why we can’t live without these incredible brushes,  but if you want to see for yourself….  We have a special surprise for you!!!  Ergo has agreed to let us offer you a super sweet HAIR NERD DISCOUNT!!!


All you need to do is call Marlene Wagner at 661-799-9422 or 888-ask-ergo (888-275-3746) to place your order and they are going to let you have SHOW PRICING (20% off the already low price).  Just tell Marlene your discount code is HAIR NERD and you are all set!!

 er1000 – ionic polishing paddle

er25ci – 25 mm (1½”) ionic ceramic round brush

er33ci – 33 mm (1¾”) ionic ceramic round brush

er43ci – 43 mm (2¼”) ionic ceramic round brush

er53ci – 53 mm (2¾”) ionic ceramic round brush


The following payment information is required to process an order, which will be asked when calling Marlene Wagner of ERGO:

  1. Stylist or Student Name

  2. Credit Card Billing Address

  3. Shipping Address – They prefer to ship to a business address (school or salon). There is an additional charge for shipping to a home address because UPS charges more.

  4. Item name or item model # ordered

  5. Visa or MasterCard number

  6. Expiration date

  7. 3 digit security code from back of credit card

  8. Name that appears on credit card

TaDa!! Your order ships within 24 hours.  Just think of how jealous your co-workers are going to be…. Suddenly,  being a HAIR NERD has some pretty major perks!