We often think Steve Elias rues the day he introduced us to Number 4 High Performance Hair Care.  He was teaching a class and let us borrow the Mighty Hair Spray… this, of course, peaked our interest because it smelled absolutely divine and worked incredibly.

What else did dear old Steve have laying around in his bag of tricks? As it turned out, he had most of the styling line which was awesome for us and sad for him.  We convinced him to let us “borrow” them for a short time (um, FOREVER) and our obsession was born.

These products are our little secret and we love to share.  We have been known to tell people they should attend NAHA if for no other reason than No.4 usually includes a sweet sample pack in the swag bag.


Why are we Enamored with Number 4?

 The whole line is 100% Vegan.

Which means your furry little friends that you like to post on facebook and instagram love this line, too! Fun Fact: Number 4 is also Gluten Free, Sulfate Free and Paraben Free   **Free of all things yucky!

We exclude all ingredients potentially toxic to humans, rare vintage couture, and our dear environment! -No.4


Magic Powers

We joke about Number 4 High Performance Hair Care having mystical healing powers because we have never met a head of hair it didn’t help.  The Reconstructing Masque will literally change your life.

Here you thought your wedding day or child’s birth was the happiest day of your existence… Wrong!  You will always remember how your over processed, sad hair felt when you got out of the shower after a date with the Reconstructing Masque.  Yes,  it is that serious.


Our littlest #HairBaby adores the Super Comb Prep and Protect because it makes her hair soft and shiny “like a Barbie”. We love it because it is an excellent cutting lotion and incredible for blowouts.


Fancy Pants

There is something inherently fabulous about the French.  Why name a collection “The Essentials” when you can call it “Lumiere d’hiver”?  It kinda makes you want to wander the streets of Paris after purchasing a multi-colored parcel of macaroons…  This entire line screams luxury.  

Once you were happy to rush through a shower and dry off with a tattered old beach towel from college,but then Number 4 entered your life.  Now you are living in a villa in the French Riviera listening to the waves crash as you wrap a thick, white Egyptian cotton towel around you.  That is the Number 4 difference.. it is a sensory experience.


Ultimate Value

All of these products are highly concentrated and a “dab will do ya”. They are  lightweight on your hair but pack major styling punch. While we would definitely consider this a luxury line, the have been designed to provide maximum impact on your hair with minimum impact on your credit card.

Our fav. feature is that the pumps are premeasured for the perfect distribution and they lock. Yes, you read that correctly… we often travel with full size bottles of Number 4 because the packaging is designed for Hair Nerds on the go.


 Oh, you want some…?

We could go on and on about how amazing this collection of products are and tell you to take our word for it, but we won’t.  Instead,  we are going to give them to you and let you fall in love for yourself!!

We sent a super stalker e-mail to Number 4 confessing our undying love and they are so awesome they sent us FIVE incredible gift boxes of our favorite things for YOU.

They totally hooked up The Hair Nerd’s readers.. these gift sets are valued at $123.00 each.  It is taking every single ounce of willpower we have to share these boxes of heavenly goodness!

Hydrating Shampoo 25oz, Hydrating Conditioner 25 oz, Hydrating Body Lotion, Mighty HairSpray, Blow Dry Lotion, Support Solution, Texture Styling Creme


Just recently Steve was headed our way for a quick weekend visit and before leaving San Francisco received a message that read simply: Bring No.4 or else!  A playful hint or a serious death threat???

Turns out Steve wasn’t prepared to take his chances.  He managed to come across with a leftover bottle of Texture Styling Creme from a recent class. It was the first time we tried it and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on some!


How can you win?

Hop on instagram, darling! We are going to play a little game called, Show us your Shower.

Snap a picture of the products in your shower, bathtub, or bathroom. Then #HairNerdFavs and tag @TheHairNerds  and your shower could look like this…

Winners will be announced this Saturday, April 28, 2013 because we are impatient Hair Nerds and can’t wait to share these ahhhhhmazing products with our friends.

While you wait for the Saturday to roll around,  check out the Cloud Technique Tutorial from Steve Elias and Number 4 High Performance Hair Care.