We all know that the behind the chair daily grind can get a little grindy. This is why a Hair-venture is a must at least once a year in order to get a little sparkle back in your chair. You need it and your clients and salon team will thank you for it. We always say going to a hair event or getting some education is like going to church. Its usually on a Sunday, you always feel refreshed and you get the occasional tear every now and then while your renewed passion for the industry is shared with fellow hair followers. Amen! – The Hair Nerds

YOUR ENTOURAGE… They Can Make or Break You

Are we going to get away or are we going to make this trip count? Although either way can be beneficial, you need to call this one first starting with your entourage.  If  your hair show homegirl needs you to keep her off the bar top or hold her hair while she is begging for mercy to the porcelain god, then maybe she isn’t the girl for you.

Instead, choose your hair enthused pals, who will make sure your up in time to eat and look presentable for a day of #NerdStalking and education.  This can really make or break your trip so choose wisely and keep it classy, don’t be the stylist who wastes all the opportunities and comes home with nothing to show for??

This is how Erin & I fell in love years ago… before the blog. We found each other through having these wrong team players in our rooms and gained the memorable stories and lessons that brought our united front to light. Take it from us! This is where good stylists start out with the right intentions and end up with the epic failure of hair events gone wrong.


Don’t waste all the precious time these big show organizers have spent laying out your event by bypassing the schedule and the showroom map. Walking around aimlessly is lame, know what classes you will die if you miss, follow hash tags & pages that will help you find the Hairdinis on your radar and shop in between.

This is when you can sit in the company of industry greats and actually learn something all included with the price of your ticket. This is where they hand out the pearls, learn something of value and bring some $$$ back to your chair.


Let’s not beat this dead horse anymore… you should never be caught without a business card.  Even if they are crappy ones, its better to look prepared.  What if you make an amazing impression on Nick Arrojo and he offers to whisk you away for some education in NY and needs your information? Do you pullout an old cocktail napkin and a pen that’s promoting someone else? There are plenty of great sites out there that can do you justice and keep you prepared.


I’ve made this mistake too many times. You visualize checking into your room, settling in and dressing your locks to last for the event packed weekend ahead. But what really happens is you throw your bags into your room and most likely barely have time to eat, let alone give your hair the attention it needs. So what really happens is you try to hide your frizzy tired jet lagged hair under countless helpings of product leaving you feeling sad, embarrassed and angry looking at your hair-tastrophe pics of the weekend.

Take it from me, its better to have your hair “dressed” from the moment you hit the airport and bring a ton of favorite dry shampoo and hair spray!  Plus, you avoid pissing off your hair roomies by saving that time for something more useful like stalking, education and fun event after parties!


Let’s make this simple… Do you want to meet the Goldwell Twins in your frumpy threads or in a hot little impressionable number? I mean, if you actually get the opportunity to be the meat in a John and Dimitrios sandwich, you are going to want to post this pick with no regrets! So break in your new NAHA shoes before the show and have the gorgeous pictures to flaunt for all the Hairbrained community to see!

Hair Nerd Carrie’s Dream of a Goldwell Twins Sandwich

The meat in the Goldwell Twins Sandwich…. Check!

Hair-venture Virgin Are We?

I’m sure this sounds like too much structure for a stylist, but truly being a stylists doesn’t end at the State Board finish line. DeAnnlyn Teal said it best…

“In EVERY other professional occupation, you have to go through at least a 4 year program before you can say you have reached a professional level.”

Her words ring true! Don’t look at a hair event as something to do, look at it as continuing your education and write it off as such with your tax man. Don’t waste the minds of the greats preparing all year to teach you something. Not to mention all the great opportunities these events offer for one on one Q&A with the greats of the hair world…This is your #NerdStalking opportunity and it is knocking on your door!

Love it or Leave it!

You must invest in yourself if you want to be amazing, and going to events is always the best way to gain some knowledge and absorb the energy we hair nerds crave. It’s not everyday you get the opportunity to watch stylists dance around their models and sculpt some hair or getting advice from Ruth Roche on the importance of remembering we are in a service industry. These are moments you must experience during your career you just can’t get anywhere else.

So go, look around check out the venue and the locals surrounding it. You will be so glad you did and you’d be surprised on how much inspiration you will return with. If your are not crazy motivated after a weekend filled of education and swaggy hair events, then maybe this isn’t for you?  We are not saying don’t have fun, just make it count!