Don’t arrive on location at an event in full stalking mode only to realize you forgot something.   A Hair Nerd needs to be able to pick up and go last minute.  We have compiled some of our best tips and tricks.. we always say packing is half the battle!

In this Hair-Venture Survival Guide,  we will be preparing for a typical 3 day weekend trip.  While we love not checking bags… we have found it is necessary on these weekend adventures.

(Be sure and download our special Hair Nerds Weekend Travel Checklist.  This dandy print out will help keep your next Hair-Venture organized!)



The Hair Nerds Weekend Travel Checklist





Hotel Cocktail Hour

If you have ever ordered room service, you are well aware of the $25 martini.  There is no reason to abstain from your alcoholic ways while on a Hair-Venture, though.  The  Hair Nerds always pack cocktails for the room.

You are allowed to take up to five liters of alcohol with alcohol content between 24% and 70% per person as checked baggage if it’s packaged in a sealable bottle or flask. Alcoholic beverages with less than 24% alcohol content are not subject to hazardous materials regulations.


If we are packing full size bottles of liquor, we roll them in a yoga mat.  This is helpful in two ways, 1) The mat is squishy and helps protect your precious cargo 2) Hides what a lush you are to the rest of the world.

Research Your Hotel

Check out the hotel’s website and see if they have hair dryers installed in all the room bathrooms.  If so, leave that 20 pound professional dryer at home.   It is one weekend…. you will survive, I promise!

Also, look for access to irons and ironing boards or garment steamers.  Does the concierge offer dry cleaning services?

Once you know the things you will have readily available at the hotel, you will be able to make decisions on what items you will definitely need to pack.

If you don’t see something on the propertie’s website,  don’t be afraid to call the hotel directly and speak to their front desk.  Often times a hotel won’t list an ammenity that isn’t available in every room, but are willing to place you in a specific room according to your needs.

The Hair Nerds always request a room with a mini fridge (gotta chill those mixers), microwave, and close proximity to the ice machine.


Resist the urge to pack Every. Single. Product.   I know it is hard, but streamline your beauty regimen for the weekend.  Typically,  I take 2 small bags for all of these products.

  • Remember all those samples of shampoo/conditioners at the trade shows?  Now is the time to celebrate  your swag gathering abilities and take those tiny packets.
  • Disposables are often easiest.  Grab a giant package of toothbrushes and snag one each time you go out of town.  I do the same thing with razors.  This eliminates forgeting to pack them because you needed to use them before you left.
  • Esthetics Wipes will save your life and towels.   I use esthi wipes to clean my makeup brushes and face. (We once had a hotel try to charge us for “ruining” towels.  They were referring to the mascara we washed from our eyes…Seriously?)
  • Under no circumstances, should you ever leave home without a shower cap and dry shampoo.  Powder Shower, anyone?


No matter how well you planned your weekend schedule, inevitably you are going to hit a snag.  This sometimes requires eating on the go…  Save everyone some grief and pack a couple of snacks to get you through the day because no one like a HANGRY Hair Nerd.

Typically, one person in our trio will pack the snacks for everyone.  I purchased this super cheap little Rubbermaid shoe box w/ lid to hold our goodies.  You know when you toss a granola bar in your purse and find it a month later and it is a crumbled, squished mess?  Save yourself from yucky snacks by protecting them.  It is also handy to be able to just keep the box filled and toss it in your suitcase each weekend.

Below you will find our favorite power bars, Annie’s graham cracker bunnies, Sun Chips, 100 calorie pack popcorn, etc.   Just take a few nibbles to keep you from turning on your fellow hair nerds.


I am definitely not here to tell you how to dress, but I would encourage you to do a little reasearch before emptying the contents of your closet into your suitcase.  If you live in Minnessota and are headed to San Diego,  you probably won’t need to take your parka.

Ask yourself these questions..

  • What will the weather be like?
  • What events am I going to attend?  If you are taking classes, stick to salon professional.  Throw a Gala in the mix and you will need to take something for that.  Your events should help you dictate your wardrobe.
  • Can I rewear any of the items I am taking?  If you wear an outfit for two hours at dinner one night,  consider wearing it home on the plane. Find ways to recycle your looks and you will save on overweight bags fees.
  • Do I feel confident in every outfit?  If the answer is no, remove it from your suitcase immediately.  Taking clothes you don’t feel good in will only result in a meltdown in front of your mirror each morning.

It is easiest to pack complete outfits that you have planned for each day and eliminate the “I don’t know what to wear” fiasco.

Tips and Tricks

    • Pack a scoop of powdered laundry detergent.  If something happens and you need to hand wash a garment, you will be all set.
    • Ziplocs are your best friend.  I always pack 3 or 4 of the freezer storage quart size in my suitcase.  I can toss my carry-on liquids in them before hitting the airport and if I need to take home an item like a bathing suit that is wet it easily folds up and keeps the rest of my items dry.
    • Invest in an AUX in cable for your suitcase. Occassionally,  we are forced to rent a car and the radio stations are always crap.  Save your mood and stream your favorite Pandora station on your drive . 
    • Hit the ATM and convert to singles.  While you probably won’t be hitting the strip club… at least now ,you will have money to tip the taxi, valet, bell hop, etc.  Don’t be caught without cash on a trip.