The Hair-venture Experience

Last minute travel is second nature to any legitimate Hair Nerd (stalker).   Unfortunately, no matter how lightly you pack or thought out your itinerary.. the element of surprise always looms on  each Hair-Venture.

Sometimes Enterprise Rental Car  hands you the keys to an AVEO and the agents laugh hysterically as you try to shove 3 bags into a non-existent trunk.

Other times a fellow hair nerd’s phobia of bridges will catch you by surprise when they throw their hands in the air and cover their face while driving over said bridge. Erin almost killed us…

More often than not, that hotel that seemed like such a killer deal online when you booked it,  will prove that nothing in life comes for free.  Sometimes a “newly renovated” property seems to have run out of steam half-way through the project.


 Teal Salon

Every trip is scheduled with intention and this one was no exception.  Where could we find the Teals?  Teal Salon , of course!!

Portland is a place where you can indulge in full bodied coffee and see a microbrewery on every corner.

But for a hair enthusiasts, industry pointers and rich family Hair-itage is what one can find  at the Teal Salon.  Ryan and DeAnnalyn greeted us with excitement and a full day of activities planned.

Their salon is warm and the décor is beautiful and crisp, with gorgeous work on the walls and vintage dryers they have collected since the beginning of their united front.

Instantly we find ourselves deep in conversation about previous collections, salon life- ups and downs, and building and being the perfect employee.  Amanda got sucked into the Teal’s book The Long Hair Dressing Method.  ( This beauty is on sale right now!)

The Teal’s passion is infectious and it is easy to get lost in conversation for hours.

DeAnnalyn shared her daily ritual writing morning pages (a practice out of the pages of “The Artist’s Way”)  and showed us this avant garde video that has inspired her work recently.

She whisked us away for a tour of her daily on SE 13th Ave. We were overcome by a strong and welcoming community feel and storybook view. We started at Deannalyn’s quiet place of Zen, Sock Dreams.“This is always where you can find me when I disappear from the salon” how cute is a boutique full of arty socks and fun leggings. Out came the credit card…

During our adventure with D, we were able to see first hand that she not only was passionate for hair but she has an excitement for gardening, people and most of all life.

As we browsed Unique Antiques, I heard the word “Hair Dryer” and immediately my ears perked up.

DeAnnalyn knew right where to find this vintage 1940’s Handy Hannah and she was mine!

But really what’s a girl to do?

Once landing back at Teal Salon, I excitedly showed Ryan my purchase, and her reached onto the lower retail shelf and grabbed his matching Handy Hannah.

Strike a pose… this made the purchase even better!

 carrie and ryan teal with vintage hair dryer


Now it was time for Ryan to take the drivers seat, starting with visiting Nick, Alchemy Winery owner. Not only did we finally end our search for the official “Nerd Nectar”, but we enjoyed wine in a stylish setting with a man very in love with each and every bottle he has ever made.

Ryan is quite the wine connoisseur, and an excellent drinking partner.  He told us stories of photo shoot antics with Babak and how he even sculpted hair while in flight to a show.  These are stories you just can’t Google about someone.

Portland is the capitol of micro breweries but it is also a hot spot for the uprising of distilleries. And yes, you can go tasting at these establishments.  We hit Stone Barn Brandyworks and tasted a flight of brandy, whiskey and liqueurs.

Hoppin’ Eights Whiskey seemed like the perfect reward for our  Hair Husbands.  They needed a little reward for being so understanding of our jet setting ways…

Oscar Party

An afternoon of wine & whiskey tasting + no food = Bad Combination…  Enter Rontom’s .

We sat down with the Teals and split a couple of appetizers and ordered cocktails.  A giant 1970’s projector played the Academy Awards and critiqued each look as the stars walked the red carpet.  (check out Sherri Jesse’s coverage and how to’s of Oscar hair. )

We were brought to tears by Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech .  She thanked her Husband and her Hairdresser… The 2 most important people in any woman’s life.

We could probably talk about this weekend trip for hours and hours.. (Lord knows, we already have!)  If you are ever in the Portland area or have the opportunity to meet the Teals at a show, take it!! You will be glad you did.