We knew we would have the time of our lives judging amazing hair, enjoying delicious cocktails and drinking in all the ambiance the Ghost Bar had to offer. But the fun evening we had with the Josephine Skaught crew was definitely the highlight of the evening. After leaving Vegas, we just had to know more about the ups and downs to their Snow White creation.  So we asked the JS stylists a few more questions… 

Getting to know the Josephine Skaught team at Hair Wars was such a good time.  Tell us about your team.  How long have you all worked together?

The Salon Has only been open a few short Months. Because we are so new, we all really hadn’t worked with each other so closely until we started working on Hair Wars about a month before. Most of us have worked with other hair teams and we all agreed that this was the smoothest team we have ever worked with. We are so lucky to have a team that can have fun together and Create Great Work.

How did you and your team start the creative process for Hair Wars LV?

We all met for Lunch one Sunday at a Mexican restaurant across the street from the salon, and started brainstorming, Mona brought in a rendition of Snow White done by Camille Rose Garcia, and we knew instantly we had found our source of inspiration. Immediately we started working a plan.

What struggles did you have during this time?

Meshing all of our schedules since we are all so extremely busy, we not only do hair inside the Salon, But a lot of us Work on hair and makeup outside of the Salon, Teaching, doing editorial work, Film, TV etc. And there is Never Enough Hair!

How often does Josephine Skaught compete in hair competitions?

This was our First, and Certainly not our last!

What was your pre-game preparation like?

We met at the salon for some last minute Hair Prep, Checked in at the Palms around 6:30pm started Makeup while the team finished up last minute details on hair and wardrobe.

What can we look forward to from Josephine Skaught in 2013?

As always Amazing Work, more competitions, continuing to Build our Name, and Creating that Josephine Skaught Culture that Skaught has envisioned for us! We totally have the Greatest “BOSS” Ever! We really are a lucky group of people to get to work so closely with him and work together.

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photos by Ghost Bar