Discovering Hairdreams Extensions is a Hair Nerd’s dream come true.  We can no longer sit around with full, fabulous locks of hair and not share the love.

Hairdreams is a worldwide company that has been providing 100% human hair extensions for many, many years.  Hairdreams holds a high standard for every strand of hair that they produce.  All hair is thoroughly tested before it goes on anyones head, which results in outstanding hair quality.  Since Hairdreams keeps their promise with producing quality human hair extensions, it has become their trademark.  **Nerd Note: basically, you can not get any other extensions from other companies that could be any dreamier.  Not only do top stylists aroud the world use Hairdreams on celeb clients (such as Lady Gaga, pictured above) but just this year, Hairdreams has been featured in Modern Salon, Celebrity Hairstyle and Middle East’s: Hasnna’a magazines.

Owner of Urban Hair Lounge in Rocklin, Ca and devoted educator with Hairdreams, Minerva DelMastro shares her passion for not only Hairdreams but making her clients feel beautiful.

What makes Hairdreams different than other extenion companies?

I chose to work with Hairdreams because they are so passionate about only carrying quality hair and making sure that all of their employees that represent them are trained to keep their clients safe.  Hairdreams also 100% guarentees their hair.  As a company that guarentees their hair and makes sure that a hairdresser is 100% certified and trained is what made me decide to stand by their side and gave me that drive to really want to educate with them.


How long have you educated with Hairdreams?

“I have been with Haidreams for 2 years now, and I enjoy educating for them.  Being an educator has really made me become passionate about extensions and educating every client that sits down in my chair about extensions and how it can benefit them, whether it’s putting in a funky color,  adding volume or length.”

Hairdreams has two methods to their madness of extensions.  One method is strands, which is great for long term extensions clients, and alopecia clients.  The second is Quikkies (we really love the name), which is perfect for any client, really.  The quikkies application is easy, the small wefts stay flat to your head, easy to hide.  Great for special occasions, such as bridal hair, or for clients switching over from other extension companies.  Quikkies are also a perfect introduction to extension virgins (no pun intended).

What is the greatest client hairphoria moment that you have witnessed?

“My client, Dr. T was a braid in client (the classic weave technique) for years, she spent a lot of money on hair that she wasn’t happy with, and was uncomfortable with how bulky the braids felt and how often she had to go in to the salon for upkeep.  I educated her a few times on the quikkies, and finally had her convinced to give them a try.  Dr.  T was so happy that she shed a tear or two when I turned her around in her chair (her hair looks so fantastic that even her husband is a happy camper).  Dr.  T is now a dedicated and most importantly, a happy extension client.”

Hairdreams has changed our lives (seriously, we feel so sexy with them), tell us how Hairdreams has impacted your business?

“Hairdreams has really impacted my business in the most positive way, by allowing me to confidently tell my clients about the extensions.  I can literally sit down any client from the age of 18-75 and find a way to talk to them about extensions. Extensions are a great alternative to hair color, for the clients that want the fun colors.  A major impact is also my clients that suffer alopecia.  It really is amazing to see the transformations, not only their over all appearance, but the confidence beaming from my clients as they walk out the door.”

I can tell you that all three of us are obsessed with fitting as much quikkies hair on our head as possible (it really is a ridiculous obsession). But hey, we are super Hair Nerds in every aspect, you can’t expect anything less!)


Confessions of a Hairdreams Whore: “We often forget to take alittle “me” time as stylists leaving us feeling burnt out and busted. Well lets just say I was definatley that girl. One of my besties Minerva fron Urban Hair Lounge called me to model her Hair Dreams Quickies Extentions for an upcoming bridal event.  At first I thought it would be fun, thinking they wouldnt last.  The second she placed those magical pieces into my sad overproccessed hair I was hooked!  I felt like a sexy bitch and instantly lost 10lbs. With this feeling of instant amazingness I vowed that with every 5lbs lost I’d have to add 5lbs of hair! So when you see me walking into NAHA and TrendVision looking like a sea nymph you will know I have gotten that much closer to my weightloss goal!”-  Hair Nerd Carrie

“Once you go Hairdreams, you never go back.”

Our obsession (addiction) to Hairdreams is a little out of control.  I think we have gone to every extreme to get our fix, which mainly would be draining our husband’s bank accounts for more hair.  Although our addiction is out of control,  we do have standards.  One of those standards is Hairdreams.  Anything else would be a weavetrocity.  We will figure out the Hairdreams rehab later, but for now we are on cloud nine with our fabulous hair!




For your viewing pleasure we have snatched up a little preview of some collections provided by Hairdreams USA…


“Burka Curfew” by Charlie le Mindu

“The American Dream Collection” by The Doves